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ShippingEasy's Inventory Management feature helps you streamline your business by offering a single solution for managing your products, tracking your inventory, and re-ordering stock. These tools require an Inventory Management subscription. Learn more.

Can ShippingEasy send Inventory Management updates to my store?

Yes. ShippingEasy offers two-way sync for certain store platforms. When enabled, ShippingEasy can tell your stores how much stock is available for each SKU listing. Learn more.

ShippingEasy also gives you the option to set up maximum quantity available. This means that your store will never show more stock than this level, regardless of actual available stock. It's a useful way to work within stock limits and create urgency. Learn more.

To avoid overselling an item, you can set up a reserve of safety stock. Learn more.

How do I make sure ShippingEasy is updating my store with current stock levels?

In order to make sure ShippingEasy is accurately tracking your stock, you need to enable inventory tracking for your store within your ShippingEasy account. Once you have done that, you will need to make sure the right configurations are set on your store. Learn more.

Once this is set up, ShippingEasy will automatically send product updates to stores with inventory information. It's also possible to send these updates on-demand. Learn more.

What tools are available with Inventory Management?

Inventory Management tools include:

  • Products: the items that you sell on your store. Learn more.
  • Purchase Orders: an order placed with your supplier to re-order products and replenish stock. Learn more.
  • Suppliers: the company or person(s) you order your products from. Learn more.
  • Forecasting: the metrics and reports that identify how quickly your products sell, as well as how often and how much to re-order. Learn more.

Together, these can help you stay on top of your fulfillment.

Learn more about inventory terms.

How do I manage my product catalog?

There are a few ways you can manage your product catalog:

How do I fix my stock levels?

Updating initial stock levels is a critical step in accurate inventory tracking as it allows ShippingEasy to know the stock and accurately report levels when that product is sold individually or in a bundled product. You can also select to have ShippingEasy override stock levels on your store. Stock levels can be set one-by-one for individual products or uploaded for multiple products with a CSV file. Learn how to update stock levels.

NOTE: If an order is cleared on the ORDERS page, the inventory would be removed from committed inventory.

What will ShippingEasy update in my store if I choose to send product updates?

ShippingEasy will only update the stock levels in the store. Nothing else is updated to store.



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