What are the size limits for image uploads?

ShippingEasy allows you to add images across the platform to boost you brand visibility, organize your product catalog and engage customers with creative marketing. Below you will find more information on the image types and sizes we can support depending on where they are uploaded and how they are used.

Image Library

ShippingEasy's image library is the central location for any logo variation you want to use for labels, packing slips and emails. The custom images must be JPG, GIF or PNG format and no larger than 1 MB. Learn how to save images to the image library.

Shipping Labels

Images added to shipping labels are best displayed when they are rectangular in shape. The maximum image dimensions are 360 pixels wide (width) and 130 pixels tall (height). Any resizing required to fit the maximum dimensions will be done automatically and proportionally.
For example: an image that is 720 pixels wide and 130 pixels tall would be resized to be 360 x 65.
The image must be a 16bit JPG or PNG file format, and no larger than 1 MB.

Packing slips and email notifications

Custom images must be JPG, GIF or PNG format and no larger than 1 MB. Currently, we are unable to support 8-bit images. If your logo does not properly save to the store settings, this is likely the reason. You can change this image attribute in most photo editing programs, such as Photoshop or Acorn. Learn how to add images to your packing slips and emails.

Campaign template

Custom images must be JPG, GIF or PNG format and no larger than 1 MB. Images wider than 480px will require mobile users to scroll to see full images. Learn how to customize your campaign template.

CSV Product Uploads

When uploading a CSV file, images must be in URL format within the Image URL column.

For example: http://mysite.com/products/49381.png.

Images must be JPG or PNG. Maximum file size is 1 MB.


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