Release Notes thru 2019-02-26



  • More shipping options for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime orders. ShippingEasy will display FedEx One Rate package options for qualifying merchants and shipments. In order for merchants to qualify, they must first link their One Rate enabled FedEx account with their Amazon account. Then FedEx One Rate package options will be displayed on the READY TO SHIP page when Amazon allows them for the shipment. Learn more about shipping Amazon Prime orders.
  • Query the ShippingEasy API based on order tags. Accounts using the ShippingEasy API can use order tags to look up orders and shipments. This helps merchants develop custom workflows. Learn more about ShippingEasy's open API.

Inventory Management:

  • Resolved an issue retrying failed stock updates. When ShippingEasy attempts to update stock to Walmart, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce: if the store update fails, ShippingEasy will retry the update after one minute, and again after five minutes.

Customer Marketing:

  • Filter the CONTACTS page by "List". A "List" filter has been added into the CONTACTS page. It is shown at the top of the "Filter Contacts" menu. Collapsed by default, it can be expanded to hone the list of Contacts. The "List" filter makes it easier to export contacts from a list, or to create new Contact Lists from existing ones. Learn more about filtering Contacts.
  • Export contacts from Contact List details. An "Export Contacts" button has been added to the Contact List details page. This page shows the information of all the contacts in the list. When contacts are selected, clicking the Export Contacts button will generate a CSV file with the contacts' details. Learn how to download contacts.
  • New Regular Campaign template for St. Patrick's Day. There is a new St. Patrick's Day themed Regular Campaign template available in the Themed Template gallery. Merchants can use this to quickly put together a seasonal marketing campaign. Learn how to select a Campaign template.


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