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The AUTOMATIONS page contains options that control automatic order and shipment processing.

Click the SETTINGS tab in the top right of any page in ShippingEasy.


This will take you directly to the page where you can control automation settings.

1. Remember Previous Shipping Selections Recently added orders that match previously shipped orders (e.g. orders containing the same items and quantities) will receive the same carrier, service, and packaging that was previously applied. Previous Shipping Selections are only used if there are not applicable Shipping Rules for the order. Learn more.
2. Remember Previous Order Weights When orders are added with no weight, automatically set the weight of the order to the same weight used the previous time an order was shipped containing the same items. Requires Remember Previous Shipping Selections to be enabled.
3. Invalid Addresses

Always prompt with address suggestions: When enabled, this automation will prompt you with an address suggestion to choose for all orders with invalid addresses.

Always use Suggested Address: When an invalid address on an order is detected, the suggested address will be applied automatically.

Always use Invalid Address: When enabled, this automation will ignore address validation warnings and keep the original address from the order. The order will be automatically updated to "Invalid Address Accepted."  An "Automation Applied" message has been added to the Event Log shown on the Order Details display.

4. Set carrier services based on specific criteria with Shipping Rules Further automate your shipping process by setting up Shipping Rules to apply to orders that meet specific criteria. Learn what Shipping Rules are available.



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