Release Notes thru 2019-02-12


Inventory Management:

  • Create new Purchase Orders by duplicating existing ones. ShippingEasy provides new workflows for duplicating an existing Purchase Order. This simplifies the process to create Purchase Orders, especially for merchants who frequently repurchase the same SKUs from their Suppliers.
    • On the PURCHASE ORDERS page: the "Actions" column includes a Duplicate button.
    • On SUPPLIERS Details pages: within the "Purchase Orders" section, the "Actions" column includes a Duplicate button.

    The Duplicate button will appear for any Purchase Order that is not in a 'Closed' status. Selecting this action creates a copy of the Purchase Order which the merchant can then edit or use as-is. Learn more about creating Purchase Orders.



  • Enhanced support for Amazon order downloads and Seller Fulfilled Prime label purchases. All information passed to- or from-Amazon is subject to throttling. Amazon's throttling limits the number of Amazon API requests ShippingEasy is allowed during a certain time frame. To ensure that orders, shipments, and inventory sync without interruption, ShippingEasy checks the throttle limits periodically. Previously, checks were made for specific processes. Now, the checks for API throttle limits have been centralized. This helps avoid exceeding Amazon's API rate limit and prevents error messages. Learn more about throttling.
  • Improved warning message for Seller Fulfilled Prime shipments. On the READY TO SHIP page, specific packaging types are accompanied by a warning message. This message cautions shippers about packaging requirements. The text within the message has been updated to use more precise terminology. Learn more.
  • Enhanced Shopify integration to support "Resident_Id" order note attribute. Buyers in China are required to provide an individual Tax ID before receiving an international delivery from RR Donnelley. The "Resident_Id" is supported as a custom order note attribute in Shopify stores. Now, ShippingEasy can download the "Resident_Id" with the order. Then this value is included in the shipment details when creating an RR Donnelley shipping label. Note that this value is only submitted to RR Donnelley and is not submitted to other carriers. These enhancements expedite RR Donnelley deliveries to China from Shopify stores.
  • Resolved a problem with rate quotes on multi-box shipments. When a multi-box shipment contains one or more duplicate packages, the rate quote on the READY TO SHIP page will include all packages. Learn more about multi-box shipments.
  • Resolved a problem viewing ShippingEasy on Internet Explorer 11. When using the Internet Explorer 11 browser, the ShippingEasy app will display properly.
  • Resolved a display error on the SUB ACCOUNTS page. When viewing the "Active Sub Accounts", all carrier logos are displayed correctly under the Postage and Carriers link.

Inventory Management:

  • Resolved an issue evaluating Stock History for Master SKUs. When a Product SKU is aliased and then un-aliased immediately after, the Stock History for the Master SKU is correctly evaluated.
  • Resolved an issue indicating unknown stock for Bundled SKUs. When a Product SKU, with an unknown stock level, is converted to a Bundled SKU, the "Stock" cell in the PRODUCTS catalog will display in yellow.

Customer Marketing:

  • Enhanced design of the AMAZON SELLER FEEDBACK DASHBOARD page. The styling has been updated to match the look and feel of the other pages in Customer Marketing. Sections have been renamed and data is presented in a more useful way. These changes help Amazon merchants better monitor and act on feedback:
    • The first table has been renamed "Seller Feedback Statistics". While the same data is displayed, the rows and columns have been rearranged.
    • The second table has been renamed "Seller Feedback Overview". The same data is displayed.
    • The third table, which shows feedback and comment details, has been enhanced. The search feature has been made more prominent and easier to use. In addition, individual reviews will have new values displayed when the buyer checked any of the following:
      • Item As Described
      • Delivered On Time
      • Customer Service
  • Reminder for Shopify merchants using the Abandoned Cart Campaign. Both ShippingEasy and Shopify provide the option to send Abandoned Cart email reminders to buyers. Going forward, ShippingEasy will remind merchants to disable any Abandoned Cart campaigns they have set up in their Shopify store. This helps prevent a poor experience, by avoiding emailing buyers multiple times to complete their purchase. Learn more about Abandoned Cart Campaigns.
  • Better explained Amazon Campaign capabilities. When setting up an Automated Campaign, the email can be triggered to send after an order is delivered. This enables merchants to send Campaign Emails after Amazon orders are delivered. However, this excludes Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) orders. Now when setting up an Automated Campaign, a message is displayed to clarify that delivery notification is not supported for FBA orders. Learn more about setting up Automated Campaign rules.
  • Resolved an issue with LuLaRoe Campaign Templates. When a LuLaRoe retailer views the SELECT A TEMPLATE page, their store platform specific templates can be found within the "LuLaRoe" section.
  • Resolved an issue displaying Amazon Campaign data. When viewing the CAMPAIGNS page, the "Click Rate" percentages for Amazon Campaigns will show 'N/A'. This is because Amazon does not provide click data.


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