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  • Cubic rates available for Amazon Prime orders. Amazon now provides cubic rates, through their API, for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders. Prime shipments via USPS Priority Mail are eligible for cubic rates when the packaging is less than 1 cubic foot. When a cubic-eligible Prime shipment is detected, ShippingEasy will apply the lowest postage option: weight- or cubic-rate. This automatic check is an extra benefit of using ShippingEasy to manage Prime orders. In contrast, Amazon requires that shippers manually choose between the weight- and cubic-rate for Priority Mail. Learn more about using ShippingEasy with Seller Fulfilled Prime.
  • Enhanced support for RR Donnelley shipments. Learn more about using RR Donnelley with ShippingEasy.
    • The buyer's email address will be included in the label request. This provides the carrier another way to contact the buyer if there is a problem delivering the shipment. The email address will also be included on the RR Donnelley Daily Manifest.
    • For RR Donnelley shipments to Mexico, the Colony will be included in the address that is sent to the carrier. This ensures expedient delivery of RR Donnelley shipments to Mexico.
  • Resolved a typo on the WELCOME page. When selecting a plan type for a new account: the Enterprise plan will show "unlimited" available shipments.
  • Resolved an issue using hotkeys to print. When using the keyboard shortcut for "Print Now" on the READY TO SHIP page, the page display will not be affected. Learn more about keyboard shortcuts.

Inventory Management:

  • Import more Walmart products. Previously, ShippingEasy was restricted to downloading up to 1,020 Product SKUs from Walmart. Now it is possible for ShippingEasy to link more than 1,020 Product SKUs to Walmart. Learn more about linking products.
  • Verify Stock History for Master SKUs after removing SKU Alias. ShippingEasy tracks an important Product data-point, Stock History. This is used to identify if the stock level is 'known' or not. When the stock level is known, ShippingEasy is able to send stock updates back to the store. This also applies to Master SKUs. If at least one of the SKUs in the alias group has a 'known' stock level, then the Master SKU is considered to have Stock History. Previously, once ShippingEasy verified the Master SKU stock level, this was not checked again. Now, if a SKU Alias is removed from a Master SKU, ShippingEasy will re-check the Master SKU's Stock History. This assures that only verified stock levels are sent to stores. Learn more about Stock History.

Customer Marketing:

  • Populate ASIN when linking Amazon products. The ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) value is required to include Amazon Product SKUs in Product Review Automated Campaigns. Previously, the ASIN value of a Product SKU had to be uploaded via CSV file or could be saved when importing Products. Now, ShippingEasy is able to save the ASIN via the Link Products action. Learn more about linking products. This makes it much easier to save ASINs for Product SKUs. It also enables Amazon merchants to send Product Review Automated Campaigns to more of their customers. Learn more about reputation Campaigns for Amazon.
  • Show decimal places for Campaign stats. Customer Marketing statistics for Email Campaigns have been updated to include decimal places if the rate is between 0 and 1%. This affects the data for delivery, open, and click rates. Showing decimals helps to differentiate Campaigns with no activity from those with some activity. Learn more about Campaign results.
  • Default CAMPAIGN Results page to show "All" data. Each Campaign has a corresponding Results page, which shows performance stats. Previously, the data was filtered to "This Week". Now, the data is filtered to "All" by default. This default is consistent with the EMAIL CAMPAIGNS page.
  • Resolved an issue displaying revenue generated data. When viewing the list of customers that generated revenue for an Email Campaign: the customer list will now appear as expected.
  • Resolved an issue displaying unsubscribe data. When viewing "Click" data for links in an Automated Campaign: the "Unsubscribe" link data will be shown as an individual line in the data table.


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