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  • Override the Product name from your store. Previously, order details in ShippingEasy could only show the Product name from the store. Now, merchants can choose to display the Product name from their PRODUCTS catalog instead. The Product name override applies to order details, packing slips, pick lists, and email notifications to buyers. The option is enabled on an individual Product basis, but can also be enabled in bulk. This feature gives merchants greater control over Products. Products in a store can be named to improve discovery and sales, while an alternate Product name is used internally and in customer communications. Learn how to override the Product name used in your store.
  • Set default duties/taxes payor for a carrier account. When shipping internationally, FedEx, UPS, and DHL Express allow shippers to select who is billed for duties and taxes. For instance, the payor may be the recipient, shipper, or a third party. Previously, the duties and taxes payor needed to be set on the READY TO SHIP page, on an individual- or batch-shipment basis. Now, it is possible to set a default payor preference on a carrier account level. Once set, this default applies to all international shipments created with the carrier account, providing greater control over shipping decisions. Note that it can still be manually changed on READY TO SHIP. Learn how to set duties/taxes payor defaults for FedEx, UPS, or DHL Express.
  • Resolved an issue downloading Walmart orders. Downloads for Walmart orders will continue until complete.

Inventory Management:

  • Download a CSV file of Purchase Order data. The PURCHASE ORDERS page now features a new Download Purchase Orders link. This gives the option to download “All” Purchase Orders or the “Filtered” view to a CSV file. The user login will receive an email when the CSV file completes. Then the file can be downloaded from the email or from the REPORTS > EXPORTS page. The ability to export Purchase Order data to a CSV file makes it easier to save and share important business data. Learn more about exporting Purchase Order data.
  • Filter Purchase Orders by "Created Date". The filter options on the PURCHASE ORDERS page have been enhanced with a new "Created Date" filter. When a date range is entered, only the Purchase Orders created within that date range will display on the page. Learn more about filtering Purchase Orders.

Customer Marketing:

  • Remove Contacts from Lists in bulk. On the Customer Marketing CONTACTS page, the "Add from Lists" button has been enhanced with a "Remove from Lists" function. Newly named, the Add/Remove from Lists button makes it easy to remove selected Contacts from all Lists with a single click. This makes it faster to drop Contacts from multiple Lists at once. Learn more about editing Contact Lists.
  • Proactive support for Customer Marketing trial accounts. ShippingEasy provides a free 30-day trial of Customer Marketing. To help get the most from their trial, an email will be sent to any account that hasn't sent a Campaign within the first week. The email includes resources for creating campaigns and a consultation invite.
  • Resolved an issue turning off Abandoned Cart Emails. When the Customer Marketing add-on is removed from a ShippingEasy account: ShippingEasy will no longer send Abandoned Cart Emails for the account.


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