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We have completed an exciting change that affects how you print USPS postage - ShippingEasy will now ship all USPS domestic and international shipments using One Balance powered by!

Rest assured, your rates will be identical. You will not see any changes to postage prices with this change.

Before today, ShippingEasy has used Endicia to provide your USPS labels. Beginning in February 2019, ShippingEasy began converting all Endicia accounts to a account. Your postage balance, login information, and postage rates stayed exactly the same. As part of your account conversion, a One Balance account was created, a single account for use with multiple carriers. You also have access to enhanced USPS label templates and our consolidated package selection options.

Click through the following questions to learn more about the conversion from an Endicia account to a account.

What is Endicia?

Endicia is a technology partner of the United States Postal Service. They supply ShippingEasy with USPS postage labels for all customers and have done so for many years. All USPS labels you have created in ShippingEasy have been purchased via your Endicia postage account located within ShippingEasy.

What is is a technology partner of the United States Postal Service, as well as the parent company of both Endicia and ShippingEasy. They provide USPS postage labels to hundreds of thousands of customers using their industry-leading shipping platform.

What changes can I expect after converting my account?

In order to continue to provide access to the best and newest USPS features, your Endicia account will be converted to a account. This will create a One Balance account powered by, which gives you the ability to connect multiple carriers into one account.

Will my rates change as a result?

Absolutely not. Your USPS rates will be identical after the conversion.

Will my maximum postage balance limit be the same on my account?

It may be the same, or you may find that you have a larger postage balance limit.

By default, all Endicia accounts had a maximum postage balance limit of $500. However, with your account, you will enjoy a maximum balance of $10,000. So, if your Endicia maximum postage balance limit was less than $10,000, you'll immediately have access to a larger postage balance threshold after converting to a postage account.

If you need a larger postage balance limit, we can help you to increase the limit if you'd like! Contact our Customer Success team for assistance.

Will my labels look different from Stamps?

There will be slight changes to the way your labels will appear in Stamps. Find out what is changing on your labels.

When should I convert to a account?

Starting in February, you will be alerted upon login that you are eligible to convert your account. To convert, the account owner must agree to the Terms & Conditions and then click the button on the account conversion page in ShippingEasy:


Does my account get converted immediately?

No. All accounts are converted overnight, to minimize disruption to your shipping process. You can schedule your account conversion for up to one week in the future.

Can I continue to use my Endicia account after I have scheduled conversion?

Yes, the conversion will happen overnight. Until the conversion happens, continue to use your Endicia account to create USPS postage labels.

After converting to using a account, you will be able to access your postage balance in your account.

What will happen to my Endicia account?

What happens to the postage balance in my Endicia account?

Your Endicia postage balance and payment method will be moved to your account. If you want to change the payment method used for your USPS postage, Learn how to confirm or update your payment details on

What happens to the refunds I requested in my Endicia account?

The refunds will be transferred to your Stamps account.

Can I access my Endicia history after the account has been converted?

Yes, you will still be able to access your Endicia history once the account has been converted. However, you will access it through your account. Learn how to access your Endicia history.

Can I cancel shipment labels that were generated on my Endicia account after it has been converted?

Yes. If you need to cancel a USPS label, you’ll be able to cancel it with your account once your account is converted.

What should I do if I run into a problem converting my account?

There is a small chance ShippingEasy cannot convert your Endicia account automatically. If your Endicia account could not be converted, then your Endicia account will still be available for use. ShippingEasy will work with to ensure your account details and postage balance are converted. We will send you an email once your account has successfully converted.


If you have other questions about converting your USPS postage account, please reach out to our team.

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Mine was never converted! now i can't purchase any postage, I get this warning:  "The credit card purchase was declined by the customer’s bank. Error encountered (Log ID: 1122)"

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