Release Notes thru 2019-01-15



  • Enhanced Shopify integration. Improvements have been made to ShippingEasy's Shopify integration. A nightly sweep will check for, and download, any orders from the last 30 days that have not yet been synced. This adds assurance that Shopify orders are downloaded automatically. In turn, this helps Shopify merchants provide better service to their customers. Learn more about using Shopify with ShippingEasy.
  • Updated Stores' Products settings. Page layout updates were recently made to the "Products" tab of the STORES & ORDERS settings. To complete the improvements, the help text for the option to Add Products Automatically is linked to a new article. Learn more about automatically saving Products from stores.
  • Resolved an issue importing Products via CSV file. When a CSV file of Product SKUs is uploaded: ShippingEasy will ignore leading and trailing spaces, and carriage returns, within the SKU data. This will improve matches of entries from the file to the PRODUCTS catalog. Learn more about uploading Products via CSV file.

Inventory Management:

  • Improved Inventory support for FBA Products. As a key feature of Inventory Management, ShippingEasy can update stores with a merchant's available stock levels. This feature includes additional options for merchants who sell through the Fulfillment by Amazon program. When a merchant sells on FBA plus other platforms, ShippingEasy is able to send a "Total Available" stock level to those other platforms. "Total Available" includes the available stock kept locally plus the stock available at the FBA warehouse. Historically, ShippingEasy sends a stock update to stores when the local available stock level changes. To improve upon this, ShippingEasy can now send a stock update when the FBA available stock level changes. This enhancement enables more accurate store stock information. It also provides FBA merchants with greater selling opportunities. Learn more about using FBA with ShippingEasy.
  • Enhanced Bundled Product support. Now, when the products or quantities in a Bundled product are changed, ShippingEasy will send a stock update to the store. As these types of changes affect the Available stock level of the Bundled product, this enhancement ensures that the accurate stock level displays on your store. Learn more about setting up Bundled products.
  • Resolved issues updating Etsy inventory levels. When sending stock level updates to Etsy:
    • ShippingEasy will now match products to the Etsy listing by Product SKU, instead of Product ID.
    • ShippingEasy can now send updates for Products that have multiple Property IDs.
    Learn more about troubleshooting stock updates to Etsy.

Customer Marketing:

  • Easier tagging within Contact Lists. The CONTACT LIST pages have been enhanced with a new "Add Tag" button. This makes it easier to add tags to individual contacts, or all contacts, on a list. To access this, navigate to MARKETING > CONTACTS > click the "Lists" tab > select a List. Learn more about Contact Lists.
  • Customizable columns on CONTACTS page. An Arrange Columns tool has been added to the CONTACTS page. This makes it possible to select which available columns to show on the page. The ordering of the columns may also be changed. To access this page, navigate to MARKETING > CONTACTS > click Arrange Columns. Learn more about managing Contacts
  • Resolved an issue editing Contact Lists. When updating a Contact List from the CONTACTS page: selecting a contact followed by a list from the "Add to Lists" menu will add the contact to the selected list. Learn more about adding Contacts to Contact Lists.
  • Resolved an issue creating Email Campaigns. When creating a new Email Campaign from a blank template: clicking the "Start Editing" button on the BLANK EMAIL TEMPLATE page will open the template editor with a blank canvas. Learn more about creating an Email Campaign.
  • Resolved an issue cancelling a Customer Marketing subscription. When the Customer Marketing add-on is removed from a ShippingEasy account: ShippingEasy will no longer send Email Campaigns for the account.


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