Release Notes thru 2018-11-13


  • Ship with a barcode scanner. Added barcode scanning support for the READY TO SHIP page. This allows shippers to manage shipments via a barcode scanner. No keyboard or mouse is required for these actions:
    • Read scale and update weight
    • Print Later
    • Print Now
    • Assign Saved Selections and compare rates

    Unique barcodes for each actions need to be printed from the BARCODES & SCAN SHEETS settings page. Learn more.

    Then an order can be loaded to the READY TO SHIP page. Once a barcode is scanned, the corresponding action will be performed on the order.

    These changes expand previous support for loading orders by scanning barcodes on Packing Slips. Learn more.

  • Ship with your voice. Added a ShippingEasy skill for Alexa. This empowers merchants to use voice commands to access their ShippingEasy account. No keyboard or mouse is required to perform the following actions:
    • Purchase USPS postage
    • Query postage balance
    • Buy individual shipping labels
    • Query order and shipment data

    Using Alexa with ShippingEasy requires an Alexa enabled device. The Amazon account must be linked to ShippingEasy. Also, the ShippingEasy skill must be added to the Alexa account. Learn more.

Inventory Management:
  • Reporting for Velocity, Forecasting and Replenishment. Added reports and metrics to track sales velocity, volume forecasting, and replenishment recommendations. This data enables merchants to save money by maintaining lean inventory levels. At the same time, it helps merchants avoid stock-outs. Read the FAQs.
  • New Inventory REPORTS page. Added an Inventory REPORTS page, available from the INVENTORY menu. This makes it easier to review and download Inventory data. Learn more about Inventory Reports. The existing Inventory Reports can be access from this page. Also, two new Forecasting Reports are available:
    • Sales Velocity: calculates sales velocity for active products using sales history. Several historic ranges are available: last 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days. Learn more.
    • Forecasting & Replenishment: makes specific stock replenishment recommendations. Details how much stock to purchase and when to purchase it. Learn more.
  • New PRODUCT catalog columns. Key velocity and forecast values have been added to the PRODUCTS page as optional columns. The columns can be enabled via the Arrange Columns link. Learn more.
    These new columns make it easy to compare Product data:
    • Velocity: units sold per day
    • DTR (Days To Reorder): number of days before new stock must be ordered to avoid running out of Available inventory
  • New PRODUCT Details columns. Key velocity and forecast values have been added to each PRODUCT Details page as standard columns. These new columns make it easy to view data on a Product level:
    • Velocity: units sold per day
    • Stockout: number of days until Available inventory reaches zero
    • DTR (Days To Reorder): number of days before new stock must be ordered to avoid running out of Available inventory
  • New data on CREATE PURCHASE ORDERS page. Key forecast replenishment values are shown for Products when creating a new Purchase Order. These data make it easier to determine how much product to purchase:
    • DTR (Days To Reorder): number of days before new stock must be ordered to avoid running out of Available inventory
    • QTB (Quantity To Buy): number of units to order to ensure that no stock-outs occur
  • New attributes in INVENTORY SETTINGS. The INVENTORY SETTINGS page has been enhanced to include additional universal defaults. Learn more. Values can be set for the following:
    • Lead Time: the number of days between when a Purchase Order is placed and the replenishment order is received. Lead time can also be set on a Product level. Learn more.
    • Default Sales History: historical time period used to determine sales velocity
    • Default Forecast Period: future time period used to forecast sales and make replenishment recommendations
    • In-stock Expectation %: threshold for the probability that products will be in stock


  • Keyboard shortcut updates. The existing hotkeys keyboard shortcuts have been shortened. This makes them easier to use. The READY TO SHIP keyboard shortcuts are now:
    • Read weight from scale: WIN alt-w | MAC option-w
    • Print Later: WIN alt-o | MAC option-o
    • Print Now: WIN alt-p | MAC option-p
    In addition, Saved Selections can be mapped to custom keyboard shortcuts. This makes it possible to assign carrier services and compare rates, on the READY TO SHIP page, using just a keyboard. Learn more about using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Delivery status for UPS and FedEx shipments. The real-time delivery status is now available for UPS and FedEx shipments. Previously this has only been supported for USPS.
    • Several features on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page have been updated.
      • "Delivery" column displays an icon to show the current delivery status of the shipment. Learn more.
      • "Delivery Status" filter affects UPS and FedEx shipments. Learn more.
    • Delivery confirmation emails can be sent to buyers with delivery details. Learn more.
  • Email alerts for account changes. ShippingEasy will email the account owner and affected user login when changes are made to the following:
    • Any user's email
    • Any user's password
    • Account phone number
    These notifications increase transparency among teams and improve account security.
  • Design adjustments for Instant Rate. One-click shipping on the ORDERS page is now available through Instant Rate. Additional adjustments have been made to the ORDERS page:
    • The "Rate" buttons show the word 'Buy' when the mouse is hovered over the button. This makes it easier to see that clicking the button will purchase a label.
    • When Buy is clicked, a confirmation popup window will confirm the purchase. This prevents users from accidentally purchasing postage.
    • The confirmation popup includes a checkbox to Don't ask me again. Checking the box prevents this confirmation step from appearing in the future. Whereby labels will be purchased upon clicking Buy.
    • Minor layout and typographic changes were made to buttons, columns, and icons.
  • Improved messaging on WELCOME page. The ADD ORDERS step has been enhanced. If one or more stores are downloading orders, a message affirms that the user can continue with account setup in the meantime. As the orders are downloading, the page will refresh periodically. Once the store download finishes, the 'spinner' icon is replaced with a green check mark. These changes help new users navigate through account setup.
  • Updated ShippingEasy emails. ShippingEasy sends period emails over the lifetime of an account. These have been updates to include a link to ShippingEasy's Getting Started Guide. Check it out.
  • Carrier logo updates on READY TO SHIP. The layout of UPS and FedEx logos and terms of service text have been modified on the READY TO SHIP page.
  • Updated login page graphics. The image on the login page - - has been changed to highlight ShippingEasy's holiday support hours. ShippingEasy is here for the holidays, ready to help merchants meet their goals. See our extended holiday hours.
  • Resolved issues. The following issues and errors have been fixed:
Inventory Management:
  • Change to INVENTORY MANAGEMENT DASHBOARD. The "Low Stock Products" table now shows only 'active' products with low stock. Learn more about the dashboard.
  • Clarified linked store data for Products. The PRODUCT Details "Stores" tab and "Linked Stores by Product" report both show if a Product SKU is linked to one or more stores. Previously this data was indicated in the "Last Store Update" column. This column has been renamed to "Link Status", which more precisely describes the data. The status labels have also been changed:
    • 'Success' is now Active: ShippingEasy has a link to the store for that Product SKU
    • 'Failure' is now Inactive: ShippingEasy has attempted and failed to establish a link to the store for that Product SKU
    • 'Inactive' is now Unlinked: no link exists between ShippingEasy and the store for the Product SKU
    Learn more about linking products.
Customer Marketing:
  • Trigger emails after UPS and FedEx shipment delivery. An extension of UPS and FedEx delivery status, Automated Campaigns can be triggered by the delivery event. This helps merchants time communications after their customers have received their products. Learn more about setting up Campaign rules.
  • Dedicated button to create customer lists. A new Create List button is available on the CUSTOMER LIST page. This was previously collapsed within another menu. Clicking the Create List button will immediately create a new customer list. Learn more.
  • Seasonal Campaign Templates. Added new Campaign Templates to the Campaign Gallery for the holidays, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Learn more.
  • Improved Campaign Template thumbnails. The image quality of the thumbnail images has been improved for Automated Campaign Templates. This makes it easier to select an Automated Campaign Template. Learn more about Automated Campaign themes.
  • Design adjustments to CUSTOMER MARKETING DASHBOARD. Campaign workflows have been updated for Customer Marketing. Additional changes have been made to this page:
    • To describe Campaigns, the terms "Newsletters & Promotions" and "One-Time" have been replaced with the term "Regular".
    • The link for Automated Emails now directs to the EMAIL CAMPAIGNS page, with the "Automated Emails" tab selected.
  • Resolved issues. The following issues and errors have been fixed:
    • Customer List sizes are correctly displayed when a new customer is added via the Add Customers tool. Learn how to add customers.
    • Double quote characters (") are now allowed within the From Display Name field of Campaigns.
    • Display “Untitled Campaign” as the name of any Campaign that does not have a name.


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