Release Notes thru 2018-11-06


  • Added Instant Rate, true single-click shipping on the ORDERS page. Going forward, every order with a weight has an automatic rate quote. Instant Rate enables shippers to process shipments more quickly and with less effort. Key features on the ORDERS page include:

    New "Rate" and "Shipping Selection" columns:

    • These columns help to inform shipping decisions by surfacing shipping costs and methods. Both columns are permanently affixed in the furthest left columns of the ORDERS page. The "Rate" and "Shipping Selection" columns can be collapsed, horizontally, by clicking the [<] icon.
    • The "Rate" column helps identify if orders are ready to ship and which have unresolved issues.
      • Orders that can be shipped: these will have a postage rate listed within a blue rectangle. Hovering over the rate will reveal a Ship button. Click Ship to instantly buy a label for the shipping selection.
      • Orders with unresolved issues: one or more errors is preventing them from being shipped. These will have an exclamation ! icon within a yellow rectangle. Hovering over the icon will reveal what is causing the rate error, along with a Fix button. Clicking Fix will open a popup that steps the user through correcting the error. Once corrected, a "Shipping Selection" and "Rate" will be assigned.
    • Within the "Shipping Selection" column, every order has a carrier and service assigned.
      • The Shipping Selection is indicated with the carrier's logo, the service name, and the packaging name (if applicable).
      • Hovering over the icon will reveal how the Shipping Selection was assigned. The carrier and service will always be assigned from one of the following:
      • The "Shipping Selection" drop-down menu provides access to the account's Saved Selections. Choosing a different option will automatically update the "Rate" quote for the order.
      • A new feature, a Recommendation provides a suggested service when one hasn't been assigned via the other selection options. Learn more.

    New "Rate Quote" filter option:

    • Within the "Rate Quote" filter, the With a rate quote - recommendation filter option has been added. Selecting this will filter all orders to those with a "Shipping Selection" Recommendation. Learn more.

    Other column changes:

    • The existing "$Rate" and "Saved Selection" columns are no longer displayed by default. The same information is found in the new "Rate" and "Shipping Selection" columns.
    • The existing "Saved Selection" column is now static. It no longer features a drop down list of the account's Saved Selections. Instead, this functionality is now available from the "Shipping Selection" column.

    Learn more about Instant Rate:

Customer Marketing:
  • Updated Customer Marketing with a new interface and improved Email Campaign workflow. The changes make Customer Marketing more straightforward and efficient. Key enhancements include:
    • The top level MARKETING menu has been changed. The AUTOMATED EMAILS and NEWSLETTERS & PROMOTIONS menu entries have been removed. In their place, EMAIL CAMPAIGNS has been added.
    • Going forward, all Campaigns are managed from the EMAIL CAMPAIGNS page.
    • Now, both Regular and Automated Campaigns share a common workflow. The EMAIL CAMPAIGNS page has a prominent "Create Campaign" button. Clicking this starts a workflow that guides the user through setting up a new Email Campaign. The new workflow follows these steps:
      1. Begin by clicking Create Campaign.
      2. Select a Regular or Automated Campaign.
      3. When creating a Regular Campaign, specify a name for the campaign.
      4. Select an Email Campaign type and/or template.
      5. Edit the Campaign Template content.
      6. Select the target audience.
      7. Send, schedule, or activate the Email Campaign, depending on type.

    Learn more about Customer Marketing.


  • Enhanced multi-box shipping on the READY TO SHIP page.

    • On the READY TO SHIP page, the "+" button has been replaced with a link labeled Add Package(s).
      This makes it easier to identify the tool.
    • The MULTI-PACKAGE popups clearly indicate the current action and number of the package. For example: "Add Package #2" or "Edit Package #3". This adds clarity when handling complex shipments.
    • The MULTI-PACKAGE SHIPMENT popup features a duplicate tool. Clicking the duplicate icon adds another package with the same description, weight, and dimensions. This makes shipping faster.

    Learn more about shipping multiple packages per order.

  • Implemented an active uploads limit, per account. This change ensures an optimal upload experience for all ShippingEasy accounts.
    • Concurrent upload limits affect CSV uploads for orders, products, customer addresses, and suppliers.
    • For each type of data upload, three or less active uploads are allowed at one time. This means that up to 3 orders, 3 products, 3 customer address, and 3 supplier files can be uploaded simultaneously per account.
    • Attempting to upload more than three files at a time will display an error message. Completing or removing an existing upload request will enable the user to upload another file.
  • Enhanced 3dcart integration for faster downloads of orders containing a large number of products.
  • Resolved an error storing product images for eBay orders. Now, the product listing image is downloaded with the eBay order details.
Inventory Management:
  • Improved handling of Bundled Product changes. As SKUs are added or removed from a Bundled Product, ShippingEasy will check that the entire bundle has a known-stock level. This is an extension of Stock History.
    • If any of the bundle components have No Stock History: ShippingEasy will not send the inventory level for the bundle to the store.
    • If every SKU in the Bundled Product has a known-stock: ShippingEasy will sends the inventory level for the bundle to the store.

    This empowers flexible inventory management while safeguarding accurate stock updates. Learn more.

Customer Marketing:
  • Added new Regular Campaign templates to the "Campaign Gallery" for Cyber Monday, Small Business Day, and New Years. These help merchants easily capitalize on these popular sales days. Learn about templates.


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