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This feature is available to existing Inventory Management subscribers. Learn more about using the ShippingEasy Product Catalog.

The Inventory Management Reports page provides a single access point for all of ShippingEasy’s inventory-related reports.

Navigate to the PRODUCTS tab from anywhere in ShippingEasy and then selecting REPORTS.

This will take you directly to the Inventory Reports page which is separated into two sections:

  • Inventory Reports which includes all reporting related to the status and stock of your products
  • Forecasting Reports which includes all reporting related to the current and future sales performance of your products

Access Inventory Management Quicklinks on the right side of the page to quickly access key pages throughout Inventory Management. You can also get quick access to help via the Inventory Management section of the Knowledge Base or schedule a call to speak to an inventory management specialist.

Inventory Reports

  1. Inventory Status:

    Details current inventory data including Available Stock and Total Inventory Value. Learn more.

  2. Inventory Low Stock:

    Identifies products with an Available stock level below your low stock limit. Learn more.

  3. Linked Stores by Product:

    Lists products with at least one linked store and the status of the linkage. Learn more.

  4. Products Committed by Date:

    Provides inventory data about committed quantities by date committed to assist with manufacturing. Learn more.

Forecasting Reports

  1. Sales Velocity:

    Calculates multi-period sales velocity using sales history from the last 7 to 90-days. Learn more.

  2. Forecasting & Replenishment:

    Determines a sales volume forecast to make stock replenishment recommendations. Learn more.




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