How to use ShippingEasy with Shopify Locations

Shopify's Locations feature manages inventory and fulfillment at multiple locations. ShippingEasy supports this by including the Shopify location in every shipment notification sent to Shopify.

ShippingEasy always sends your default Shopify location. ShippingEasy can instead send Shopify a specific location for each shipment. Just map your Shopify locations to ShippingEasy Ship From addresses.

Inventory updates are not supported in multiple Shopify locations.

ShippingEasy can only update inventory stock levels at your default Shopify location. ShippingEasy does not currently support updating inventory stock levels to multiple Shopify locations.  

How do I map Shopify locations to ShippingEasy Ship From addresses?

  1. Click on the SETTINGS icon from anywhere in ShippingEasy.
  2. Click on the STORES & ORDERS page under the INTEGRATION column.
  3. Click Edit store settings for your Shopify store.Screen_Shot_2018-11-15_at_4.07.55_PM.png
  4. Click "Notifications".
  5. Scroll down to the "Shopify Multi-Location" section.Screen_Shot_2018-11-19_at_10.39.56_AM.png
  6. Select one of your ShippingEasy 'Ship From' addresses.
  7. Click the button next to the Shopify store location associated with the selected 'Ship From' address. ShippingEasy will always specify the selected Shopify store location on all shipments that use the selected 'Ship From' address.
  8. Repeat steps six and seven for each of your ShippingEasy 'Ship From' addresses that are used for your Shopify orders. You can map each Shopify location to multiple 'Ship From' addresses.

NOTE: ShippingEasy updates its list of your Shopify locations each night.

For example, a new location added to Shopify on Monday is not shown in ShippingEasy until Tuesday.

Do I have to map my Shopify locations to ShippingEasy Ship From addresses?

No, not if you are only using your default Shopify location for fulfilling orders. ShippingEasy maps all Ship From addresses in ShippingEasy to your default Shopify location.

If you are fulfilling from multiple Shopify locations then, yes, you should map your Shopify locations. Map each of your Ship From addresses in ShippingEasy to a Shopify location.

How do I process a Shopify order that is fulfilled from separate locations?

If you fulfill an order from multiple Shopify locations then you must split that order in ShippingEasy before you ship it. Learn how to split orders.

Each shipment notification sent to Shopify will include the appropriate Shopify location.


Your Shopify store has three SKUs and two locations. Order 123 comes in and it has one of each SKU.

SKU Shopify Location
Blue-Shirt Portland Office
Yellow-Shirt Portland Office
Red-Shirt Austin Office

Split the Red-Shirt from the other two line items and ship Red-Shirt from your Austin Office Ship From address in ShippingEasy.

Ship Yellow-Shirt and Blue-Shirt from your Portland Office Ship From address in ShippingEasy.

Shopify displays the location name in the upper-right of each fulfillment entry.Screen_Shot_2018-11-08_at_2.55.11_PM.png

If you do not split the order, then ShippingEasy will only be able to send a single location to Shopify.

Shopify will show the order as partially shipped. You will need to manually complete the fulfillment in Shopify.

Why is ShippingEasy displaying an error on the Shipment History page?

Shopify requires that each shipment notification include the correct location. ShippingEasy sends Shopify the location that you specified for the Ship From address. Shopify checks the location that ShippingEasy includes in the shipment notification. ShippingEasy displays an error message if the location ShippingEasy specified does not match the location you configured in Shopify.

Map your Shopify locations to ShippingEasy Ship From addresses to avoid this error.

Which Shopify location will be used for my ShippingEasy inventory?

ShippingEasy will only use your default Shopify location’s inventory. ShippingEasy does not currently support viewing or updating inventory on secondary Shopify locations.

How do I configure Shopify locations if I want to track my inventory in ShippingEasy?

ShippingEasy will only download and update stock levels at your default Shopify location.

ShippingEasy recommends that customers using Inventory Management enable only a default location in Shopify and not use multiple Shopify locations. Instead of Shopify, ShippingEasy will track all inventory stock levels. ShippingEasy will report stock levels to all sales channels, ensuring accurate stock levels across your sales channels.

ShippingEasy does not currently support tracking inventory across multiple locations. 

When will ShippingEasy use my default Shopify location?

Shipping Notifications: If you use a Ship From address that is not mapped to a Shopify location, ShippingEasy will use your Shopify store’s default location for shipping notifications.

Inventory: ShippingEasy will only use your default Shopify location when sending inventory updates to Shopify. ShippingEasy does not currently support viewing or updating inventory on secondary Shopify locations.

How do I determine my Shopify default location?

  1. Navigate to Settings in Shopify
  2. Select Locations from the Settings page in Shopify
  3. Review your locations. The location marked with "Shipping Origin" is the default location for your Shopify store.




I have two locations in my Shopify store and need to map my ship from addresses as shown here, but only 1 of the shopify locations shows up in Shipping Easy. I have followed all of the steps shown here and tried everything to get my second location in SE, but still only see one choice, please help!

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