Release Notes for Buy & Print changes 2018-11-06

We’ve updated how ShippingEasy selects a carrier and service so that a rate quote can be shown on the Orders page. We made it easier to get rate quotes on more of your orders! You can still use Buy and Print, there are just a couple of changes to be aware of.

What happened to the thumbs up icon?

The thumbs up icon has been replaced with the new "Rate" column.
We’ve given you increased visibility into your orders by displaying the rate for each order. If you see a rate next to an order, it means that order is ready to ship. With a quick glance, you can see the cost of each shipping label and easily identify which orders are eligible to have shipping labels printed.

How can I select a different carrier or service?

The Saved Selection column is still available, but it can no longer be used to select a saved selection. Instead, you’ll be able to select a saved selection from the drop-down menu to the right of the "Rate" button, in the new "Shipping Selection" column. It will display a list of your configured shipping selections, previous selection, and recommendations. Simply select the saved selection for the carrier and service that you want and ShippingEasy will update the displayed rate.

How has ShippingEasy updated what carrier and service gets applied?

We’ve added two new methods for determining the carrier and service for displaying a rate quote on the Orders page: Default Selection and Recommendations. These are at the bottom of the existing rate hierarchy, so you’ll only see these used if a shipping rule or previous selection did not apply to an order.

Default Selection is the saved selection you have specified to use by default on all orders. Learn more here.

Recommendations are made for domestic orders when no other rate has been applied. Learn more.

How does ShippingEasy now select a carrier and service for each order?

When an order is processed in ShippingEasy, a carrier and service are assigned from one of five options. 

ShippingEasy will assign a carrier and service using a hierarchy. Each entry in the hierarchy overrides all entries below:

  1. Manual Selection from the Shipping Selection drop-down menu -->  
  2. Shipping Rule -- >
  3. Previous Selection -- >  
  4. Default Selection -- >
  5. Recommendation

Your account has a shipping rule to always apply USPS First Class to all domestic orders weighing less than 12 ounces. You also have a default saved selection of USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box. When an order that weighs 13 ounces and that contains an SKU you have never shipped before is processed: 

  • The shipping rule does not apply because the shipment will be more than 12 ounces.
  • Since you have never shipped this SKU, ShippingEasy cannot apply a previous selection.
  • Your default saved selection of Small Flat Rate Box does apply because no shipping rule and no previous selection were applied so the result is a rate quote for USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box.

You have the option to change to a recommendation or any of your other saved selections from the Shipping Selection drop-down menu.

Can I filter to orders that have a rate quote?

Yes, you can filter to orders that have a rate quote using the "Rate Quote" filter.

This filter will let you sort to orders:

Filter Name What orders will be displayed? 
No Rate Quote Any orders without a rate quote
With a Rate Quote Any order with a rate quote
With a Rate Quote- Recommendations All orders with a rate quote because of a Recommendation 

Can I hide the "Rate" and "Shipping Selections" columns?

Yes, if you do not need the "Rate" and "Shipping Selection" columns, then you can easily collapse those column. You can redisplay the columns by clicking on the same icon.



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