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Instant Rate is the quickest way to compare rates and buy a shipping label, right from your ORDERS page. You can quickly switch between different carrier/service combinations and then with a single click purchase a shipping label.

It is easy to use! Click on the Buy Label button next to any order to purchase a shipping label.

Learn how with the video: ShippingEasy Instant Rate

Why is "Fix" displayed for my order?


If the shipping selection requires a weight, you will need to enter a weight for any order that does not have a weight. Just click "Fix" and to enter the order’s weight.

If the recipient's address is invalid, you will need to correct the address before a rate can be calculated. Just click "Fix" and edit the address or approve the suggested address.

If there is any other error or an error message from the carrier, you will need to correct the error before shipping.

If the order has multiple recipients. You will need to split the order before it can be shipped. Learn how to manage orders with multiple recipients.

Why is “No Rate” displayed?


If your order does not have weight and you do not have shipping rules or a default saved selection, you must select a service and then update your package weight.

If ShippingEasy encountered an error and could not populate a rate quote, "No rate" will be displayed and you must select an option to get a rate quote.

Can I filter to orders that have a rate quote?

Yes, you can filter to orders that have a rate quote using the "Rate Quote" filter.

This filter will let you sort to orders:

Filter Name What orders will be displayed?
No Rate Quote Any orders without a rate quote
With a Rate Quote Any order with a rate quote
With a Rate Quote- Recommendations All orders with a rate quote because of a Recommendation

Can I control whether ShippingEasy prompts for confirmation before buying the label?

Yes, just click the Hello link in the upper-right of any page and then click "My Profile"

Select either option from the list for Instant Rate Purchases.


And then click Save.

How does Instant Rate work if I have Sub Accounts?

Instant Rate will apply Sub Accounts similarly to your rules.

If your order has not been assigned to a Sub Account via a rule, your main postage accounts will be used.

If the order has been assigned to a Sub Account, then the Sub Account’s postage accounts will be used to purchase postage. Learn more about Sub Accounts.

How will an Instant Rate label display in the Event History?

When you print a label through Instant Rate, it will display as “Bundle Print Job” in the event history. Learn more about Event History.



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