Release Notes thru 2018-10-23


  • Enhanced domestic address validations to decrease the number of addresses that are marked as invalid. In particular, minor formatting errors will no longer be marked as invalid if they are deliverable. Specifically, these sorts of issues will be allowed:
    • Minor spelling error: “Las Angeles” instead of “Los Angeles”
    • Usage of abbreviation: “St. Louis” instead of “Saint Louis”
    • Missing a space: “98Elm Street” instead of “98 Elm Street”
    • Overlapping city names: “Los Angeles” instead of the more specific “West Hollywood”
  • Added an option to automatically correct domestic address formatting issues. This is a store-level setting.

    When enabled, ShippingEasy will automatically change verifiable domestic addresses, when there is a suggested improvement (such as the examples above). However, if the address cannot be verified or there are no suggested changes, then ShippingEasy will not change the address.

    Existing stores have this feature disabled by default. All new stores added to ShippingEasy will have this feature enabled by default. To make a change to this setting, navigate to:

    2. Select a store and click Edit store settings link
    3. Click into the "Orders" tab
    4. Check the box to Automatically standardize and correct all domestic addresses when verified
  • Enhanced the layout and styling of the WELCOME pages. Learn more.
  • Resolved an issue validating passwords for new user logins.
  • Resolved an issue validating Amazon store credentials. Specifically on the WELCOME page. An error message is displayed when invalid credentials are entered for an Amazon store.
Inventory Management:
  • Changed Low Stock Threshold validation. Now, a negative value may be set as the threshold. Learn more.
  • Enhanced safeguards for sending inventory updates to stores. ShippingEasy now checks for stock history, which indicates that the stock levels are known and accurate. A product has stock history once the stock level has been adjusted at least once in ShippingEasy. Specifically using one of the following methods:
    • To a positive value using the Import Product tool within store settings. Learn more.
    • To a positive value via Manual adjustment. Learn more.
    • To a zero or positive value via CSV upload. Learn more.

    ShippingEasy will only send inventory updates back to the store for product SKUs with stock history. Products without history will be marked with a No Stock History indicator. Learn more.

Customer Marketing:
  • Updated the layout of the CAMPAIGNS "Confirm your campaign" page by increasing the preview size of the email and making various user interface enhancements. This page is used to review the template and enter the sender details, subject, customer list, etc. Learn more about sending a Campaign.
  • Resolved a display issue with the SEND NOW popup window. Specifically when there are not enough email credits in the account to send the Campaign.


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