Release Notes thru 2018-10-30


Inventory Management:
  • Added support for Maximum Available Quantity. This is enabled on a store-level and specified on a product-level. When set up, ShippingEasy will update the Product SKU listing in your store with the quantity set until the actual available stock level drops below the Maximum Available Quantity. This helps merchants control how much inventory that buyers perceive as available. Learn more about setting up max available quantity.

Customer Marketing:
  • Added support for saving email marketing contacts via pasting. Contacts can be saved one-by-one or pasted in bulk, using a simple and quick form. Minimal information is required, with the option to add additional details such as address, customer tags, and list assignments. This helps merchants quickly add new contacts, without a CSV upload. Learn more about saving Customer Marketing contacts.


  • Added security notifications when users are added or changed in a ShippingEasy account. This provides account owners better management of their account.
    • When a new user is added: an email is sent to the ShippingEasy account owner.
    • When the account owner's email address is changed: an email is sent to both the old and the new account owner email addresses.
  • Updated the notifications to Channel Advisor accounts for Amazon Prime orders. When the Amazon Prime order is downloaded from Channel Advisor and shipped, a notification is sent back to Channel Advisor. This update includes information about the carrier and service.
  • Updated the notifications to Wish stores. When a Wish order is shipped, ShippingEasy reports the 'ship from' country. This change is required by the Wish API.
  • Updated the top level, blue, navigation bar for newly created ShippingEasy accounts. Specifically for accounts created after October 30, 2018 that have not yet shipped. These accounts will not see the DASHBOARD page until a shipment is created. Since the DASHBOARD page provides shipment statistics, the data is only useful once an order is shipped.
  • Resolved issues validating domestic addresses.
    • When addresses include numeric digits in the city name: Now, these addresses will be marked as invalid. To work around this, the merchant may allow ShippingEasy to automatically correct some address errors. Learn more.
    • When addresses are edited on the READY TO SHIP page: Now, the same address validation rules that are used when processing a new order are applied to these edits.
  • Resolved a display issue on the WELCOME page, SELECT A STORE popup. Now, the store platform logos are correctly aligned.
Inventory Management:
  • Updated the STORES & ORDERS settings "Products" tab. Enhancements to the "Inventory Management" section make it easier to navigate the options. Also, the help text is now displayed on the page, rather than within discrete tooltips.
Customer Marketing:
  • Updated the CUSTOMERS page. With the addition of the Add Customers button, the Send Email button has been moved and renamed. Now called Send Note, the tool is located on the line between the buttons and customer list. Learn more about sending notes to customers.
  • Updated the CAMPAIGN GALLERY page. The layout has been enhanced to make it easier to navigate between the different template options. Each template type can be accessed from the tabs at the top of the page: Themed Templates, Layouts, My Campaigns, Blank Email. Within the "Themed Templates", a left hand menu makes it easy to filter by template type: All, Sales & Discounts, Newsletter, Seasonal & Holiday, Welcome & Follow-Ups. Learn more about using the Campaign Gallery.
  • Updated the SCHEDULE popup. This is displayed after clicking the Schedule button on the CONFIRM YOUR CAMPAIGN page. The popup has always provided the option to select the delivery date and time of a Regular Campaign. Now it includes additional tips to maximize the effectiveness of a Regular Campaign. Learn more about scheduling Regular Campaigns.
  • Updated the ADD CONTENT TO YOUR EMAIL page, which is used to edit a Campaign Template. Utility buttons have been moved into a menu bar above the template. They provide quick access to basic template actions: Save, Preview, Send Test, Change Template. Learn more about editing Campaign Templates.


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