Release Notes thru 2018-10-16


  • Added new keyboard shortcuts on the READY TO SHIP page. This makes it easier to ship using a keyboard, instead of a mouse. New hotkeys include:
      • Print Now: Alt-Shift-P (Windows) | Ctrl-Option-P (Mac)
      • Print Later: Alt-Shift-O (Windows) | Ctrl-Option-O (Mac)
      • Update Weight: Alt-Shift-U (Windows) | Ctrl-Option-U (Mac)

    Learn more about using keyboard shortcuts with ShippingEasy.

  • Updated support for Amazon's carrier services. More USPS package types are available for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders: Flat Rate Legal Envelope and Flat Rate Padded Envelope. Learn more about shipping Prime orders.
  • Updated ORDERS page filters:
    • The "Product SKU" filter has been updated. An Excludes option has been added. Select this option to show all orders where none of the line items are for the specified SKU/s.
    • A "Product Categories" filter has been added. This filter includes three options:
      • Includes: show all orders where at least one item SKU belongs to the specified Product Category
      • Only Has: show all orders where all line item SKUs belong to the specified Product Category
      • Excludes: show all orders where none of the line item SKUs belong to the specified Category

    Learn more about options to filter the ORDERS page.

  • Updated WELCOME pages.
    • Updated the ADD ORDERS step:
      • Specifically when entering an address for a new store integration. If there are any errors validating the store address, these are shown adjacent to the address fields.
      • Specifically when adding a CSV store. API Key values will not be displayed.
      • Specifically when confirming store settings for a newly added store. The store logo is displayed.
    • Updated the layout of error messages.
    • Updated the contact information for product support, on the right hand side of the page.
    • Updated the flow when adding billing information. Navigating "back" at these steps will return the user to the list of available carriers.
  • Updated the RESET PASSWORD page to display the login email address; resolved a reset password issue.
  • Resolved an issue some new users experienced logging in. Now, users are able to login via the new account confirmation email, immediately after creating their ShippingEasy account.
  • Resolved an error seen when attempting to create a new ShippingEasy account via BigCommerce's Single Click Install. Now, BigCommerce accounts can be connected to ShippingEasy through the BigCommerce App page.
Inventory Management:
  • Updated search results behavior on INVENTORY pages. Specifically within fields used to search for Products and Suppliers. Upon typing a few characters, current search results are displayed.
  • Resolved a problem downloading Amazon FBA inventory information. Specifically if a Product SKU includes an asterisk. Now, ShippingEasy can download FBA inventory information even if any SKU contains an asterisk.
  • Resolved an issue updating stock to Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Now, the "Total Available" stock, including "my location" and the "FBA available" inventory can be updated to these store types.
Customer Marketing:
  • Updated the layout of the CAMPAIGNS page. The changes make the page easier to use. Navigate to this page via MARKETING >> NEWSLETTERS & PROMOTIONS. Notable changes include:
    • Redesigned table of existing Campaigns. Use tabs to view "All", only "Regular" (ie One-Time), or only "Automated" Campaigns.
    • New placement of the search bar, above the table of Campaigns.
    • Redesigned filter options.
  • Added two new Campaign templates to the CAMPAIGN GALLERY for Veteran's Day. These are available in the "Seasonal & Holiday" category. Learn how to use Campaign templates.


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