Use Hotkeys Keyboard Shortcuts with ShippingEasy | How To

There are a number of hotkeys keyboard shortcuts you can use on your desktop with ShippingEasy.

Shortcuts are a great way to make shipping "mouse-free" as well as increase efficiency by helping you search for and ship your orders faster.

Check out the list of shortcuts below!


Learn more about Global Search.

Action Windows Mac OS X
Put cursor into the Global Search field Alt-Shift-S Ctrl-Option-S 


Learn more about the READY TO SHIP page.

Action Windows Mac OS X
Put the cursor into the Load bar Alt-Shift-L Ctrl-Option-L
Update Weight Alt-U Option-U
Buy & Print Label Alt-P Option-P
Buy Label Alt-O Option-O
You can assign keyboard shortcuts to your Shipping presets and then use those shortcuts to select Saved Selection on the READY TO SHIP page. Learn more about Shipping Presets.

If you would like to see keyboard shortcuts added for other actions in ShippingEasy, please provide your feedback in our Shipping forums.


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