Release Notes thru 2018-10-09


  • Added the WELCOME page, a new onboarding experience. The simplified workflow guides users through setting up their new ShippingEasy account. The steps aim to help merchants start shipping quickly:

    1. Connect a store, or create manual orders
    2. Select a label format
    3. Enter billing information
    4. Connect carrier accounts
    5. Custom settings recommendations

    During setup, users may explore the rest of ShippingEasy. They can return to the WELCOME page by clicking the WELCOME tab in the blue navigation bar.

    The WELCOME page has a limited lifespan. It is removed from the account a month after entering a credit card.

    Learn more about the WELCOME page.

  • Enhanced Channel Advisor integration. Added support for shipping Amazon Prime orders from a Channel Advisor store. This enables merchants to sync Amazon Prime orders via Channel Advisor. Then purchase Amazon carrier postage from within ShippingEasy. Contact ShippingEasy's Customer Success team for more information.
Customer Marketing:
  • Added a new category of Campaign templates to the CAMPAIGN GALLERY: Layouts. These "Layout" templates provide a framework for building an email. They give a flexible and streamlined starting point, with detailed help text.


  • Added a new Packing Slip Template variable: master_sku. The `master_sku` variable displays the parent SKU for a SKU Alias. This allows merchants to display the underlying product SKU for the aliased SKU on packing slips. In turn, this makes picking orders easier.

    The `master_sku` variable can be added to these shipment line items table formats: 

    • shipment.line_items
    • shipment.combined_line_items

    Learn more about customizing Packing Slip Templates.

  • Enhanced the ORDERS page filters. Specifically the "Product Tags" filter. This now features three options:
    • Includes: show all orders where at least one line item is for a SKU that has the specified Product Tag
    • Only Has: show all orders where all line items are for a SKU that has the specified Product Tag
    • Excludes: show all orders where none of the line items are for a SKU that has the specified Product Tag.

    Learn more about Product Tags.

  • Resolved an issue on the SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page, "Invoice" tab. Now invoice entries display correctly.
Inventory Management:
  • Updated support for Product Attribute names. Now some special characters are allowed, including: numbers, hyphens, parentheses, forward slashes, and underscores.
  • Updated the Product search fields on INVENTORY pages, including the SUPPLIER and SUPPLIER Details pages. An indicator is displayed when loading the list of Products.
Customer Marketing:
  • Improved the thumbnail images in the CAMPAIGN GALLERY. When selecting a new Campaign template, a user will see thumbnail previews of the templates. These thumbnails now use higher quality images. Learn more.
  • Updated the Campaign templates for LuLaRoe retailers to use the new editor. Learn more.


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