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Welcome! Let's get you started shipping in the ShippingEasy platform today.

Our Getting Started Guide is your go-to resource for setting up ShippingEasy to optimize your operations and start shipping quickly. To make it easier to find the information you need, this guide is divided into topics. You can also find guides for our additional platform features that support merchants all in one place:

  • Shipping - Save time and money shipping orders from all your stores with all your carriers in one platform
  • Inventory Management - Unify inventory levels across all stores, and manage purchase orders and suppliers
  • Email Marketing - Automate customer email marketing and send regular promotional email campaigns

<<< Use the left side navigation to expand each section and view the help guides under each.

If you're just getting started with ShippingEasy, we recommend the Account Setup section. 

Need additional help? We're here for you. Sign into ShippingEasy and look in the upper left corner for the support contact options available for your paid plan. 1-512 | Email | Chat




Account Setup

New to ShippingEasy? Learn about account configuration and get started shipping.

Connect Stores

Integrate your online stores to download orders into one platform automatically. Then fulfill, ship, and track.

Logo & Brand Customization

Customize emails, packing slips, and even USPS labels with your company logo.

Advanced Shipping Setup

Optimize your shipping process with shortcuts and automation.

International and Armed Forces Shipping

Demystify international shipping with our comprehensive guides to answer all your questions.

Pick and Pack Quality Control

Incorporate USPS SCAN forms and barcode scanning to decrease errors when packing.

Inventory Management

Unify stock levels across all stores. Manage purchase orders and suppliers.

Customer Email Marketing

Set up customer email marketing. Drive repeat business and increase revenue.


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