Creating Feedback Campaigns

The ShippingEasy Customer Marketing tool makes soliciting feedback on your Amazon Products and Seller Account easy and automatic. It allows you to create and automate a great experience for your customers with a workflow that is incredibly simple. 

Video Walkthrough

If you prefer, feel free to watch the short video that covers the information in this section and follow along on your account:

Step by Step Guide

To start, hover over Marketing on the blue bar at the top, and select “Email Campaigns”

Click the blue Create Campaign button to the left of the page.


Select Automated in the "Select a campaign type" modal.


On the SELECT A CAMPAIGN TYPE page, under the "Build Relationships" section, you will select the type of Amazon Feedback Campaign you want to send. There are two types of Amazon Feedback Campaign

  • Amazon Seller Feedback Request
  • Amazon Product Review Request


Click on the campaign you wish to create, and you will be shown this very important message:


If you have not already added your email address to the list of approved senders in seller central, be sure to follow the link and do that now. Clicking Ok takes you to the template selection. Select the template that looks good to you:


After you make your selection, you are taken to the template editor. Be sure to familiarize yourself with this important message at the top:


Amazon has very specific rules about what can be emailed to your customers. We know our templates meet those requirements, if you want to change things, the most important thing is to not include marketing language. Check out our article on how to edit an email template here.

When you are ready, click “Save and Continue” in the top left:


On Step 4, Audience, you determine when this email gets sent. The default condition that must be present is that the customer is from Amazon, but you can edit the other conditions if you want to add another restriction like minimum order value, or a specific SKU being purchased:


You can also exclude customers who have previously left a negative review with the checkbox right below:


Then at the bottom, you can adjust when this email is sent. Either to send immediately, or wait and send after a certain amount of time when the downloaded, shipped, or delivered condition is met. Delivered will only be triggered if the package is sent USPS, UPS, or FedEx:


When you are all set, click “Review Campaign” at the bottom:


This final step is where you set the “From Email” the “From Display Name” and the subject line:


You can also review the look of the email on the right side of the screen:


When everything is ready, click the “Activate Campaign” button in the bottom left:


You will get one final confirmation message:


Then your campaign is active. 

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