Pick Lists

Pick lists are lists of products contained within orders, formatted to make picking the items before packing easy and convenient. This guide goes over how to customize and create pick lists within ShippingEasy.

Step by Step Walkthrough

Pick lists are printed from the orders page by selecting the orders for which you want to pick the orders, and selecting “Print Pick List” from the “Pick and Pack” drop down.


To customize pick lists, click settings in the top right, and select “Pick Lists” from the settings menu.  The four drop downs at the top of the page adjust how the pick list is formatted. Adjust the barcode type and the paper orientation first. 


Then for the “Sort By” drop-down choose what you want your items to be ordered by:


On the right side, you choose how you want your items grouped. If you choose more than one grouping, it will print one list for every grouping selected, using the “Sort By” selection to order them.


At the bottom of the page are the columns available to display on the pick list. Click Edit to adjust which columns are displayed. Each column has a pixel count, and you have a maximum of 720 pixels you can use:


Once you finished making your adjustments, be sure to hit save at the bottom of the page, as no adjustments will be saved unless you do. 


It can sometimes be easier to go and make pick lists with existing orders to preview your changes than with the preview button, so don’t hesitate to do that.

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