Shipping Rules

Shipping Rules are an easy way to automate almost all of the shipping process. From assigning shipping presets to setting packing slip, they can save you more time than anything else within ShippingEasy. 

Step By Step Guide

Access shipping rules by going to the “Shipping Rules” section on the settings page:


Click “Add new” on the right side to create a new rule:


First, give your rule a name:


Rules consist of 2 parts: The “IF” statement, and the “THEN” statement. The “IF” statement tells ShippingEasy what to look for in an order, and the “THEN” statement tells it what to do with the order once it finds it. 


The “IF” section is capable of identifying almost anything about an order, from destination type to the number of line items, to weight, to almost anything. Here is a complete list of possible “IF” conditions:


You can add as many conditions as you need, just keep in mind they are all “AND” statements, and not “OR” statements, so every condition listed in the “IF” section must be met for the rule to apply. 


The “THEN” statement is capable of adjusting many things about the order, here is the complete list:


The most common use of rules is to assign a Shipping Preset to orders meeting a specific Condition. For instance, the below rule identifies products in the 8x8x8 Box category, ensures it consists of a single quantity single line item, and is going domestically, and then assigns the domestic priority 8x8x8 box preset to the order:


Now all of those orders can be easily shipped from the Orders Page using the Buy and Print button without any further decisions to be made by you.

At the bottom of each rule, the radio buttons have a few options as to where to put the order:


Send to orders page: Leaves the order on the orders page.

Send to Ready to Ship page: Moves this order to the ready to ship page

Purchase and Print label (InstantLabel): This will purchase the label if a valid rate quote is retrieved for the order. 

NOTE: Be very careful when using this option as it will purchase labels without any human intervention. Make sure any order that gets purchased with InstantLabel will have correct weight and packaging.

Drop Ship: Moves this order to fulfillment by Amazon if you have it set up on your account.

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