Release Notes thru 2018-10-02


  • Updated login and password security requirements. New passwords may not be less than 8 characters. Login may require a CAPTCHA.
  • Updated new account registration. In addition, added better messaging if a credit card cannot be processed.
  • Enhanced integration for more secure authentication. The change affects all new store integrations. Learn more. Existing integrations can switch to the new method by disconnecting and reconnecting the store.
  • Added support for whitelisting IP addresses for secondary user logins. Contact ShippingEasy to learn more.
  • Resolved issues that some users experienced when changing their password. Now the CHANGE PASSWORD popup window will not close without notice.
  • Resolved a problem with the CREATE MANUAL ORDER popup window closing with a stray click. Now, the window will only close if the "Cancel" or "x" buttons are clicked.
Inventory Management:
  • Updated the "Stores" tab on the PRODUCT Details page. Archived stores are no longer displayed on this page.
  • Resolved an issue seen when creating Purchase Orders with a large number of Products. Now, more may be added to a single Purchase Order when creating the Purchase Order from the PRODUCTS page.
  • Enhanced the Allocate Stock feature on the ORDERS page to include the option to only allocate or deallocate stock to orders in the filtered view: "Filtered Orders".  
  • Corrected a typographic error on the SUPPLIER Details page, within the "Products" section. When the list of Products is loading, the message now reads "Loading products..."
Customer Marketing:
  • Enhanced the Customer Marketing template previews. Specifically on the CAMPAIGN List page and CAMPAIGN Results pages. Now the previews are rendered with HTML for a cleaner, proportionally sized image.
  • Added a message to legacy CAMPAIGN Editor pages. Specifically when editing any template created before September 27, 2018. Clicking the Why am I seeing this version of the template editor? link will open a popup with details about the recent changes to the Customer Marketing template editor. Learn more.
  • Resolved an issue with changing from a new template to a previously created template. Specifically when the previously created template was built before September 27, 2018.


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