Uploading Your Contacts

There are three easy ways to add contacts to ShippingEasy Customer Marketing. This guide teaches you all three. 

Step by Step Guide

First, go to the “Contacts” page under customer marketing on the blue bar at the top:


The “Add Contacts” button on the left has the 3 methods for adding contacts:


Add Single Contact

When you select “Add Single Contact” you are taken to a form to fill out the information for that contact. It defaults to just showing Email, First and Last Name. Only email is required:


If you click “Add Additional Information” you can add more detailed information about the customer such as an address, the company, and phone number. You can also tag this customer and add it to a list if desired:


Add Many Contacts

When you select “Add Many Contacts” you are taken to a page that lets you paste in multiple email addresses at once:

Uploads of more than 500 email addresses via copy/paste will be checked for invalid email addresses.

If more than 30% of email addresses are found to be invalid, none of the contacts will be added and an error message will be displayed.


You can tag them or add them to lists from this page as well:


Note that only the email address is saved for each customer using this method. You can go back and edit them individually later, or you can use a CSV upload outlined below.

Upload Contacts

If you select “Upload Contacts” you’ll be taken to a page that allows you to upload a CSV containing contact information. Check out this page for detailed information on preparing your CSV file for upload. Once you have your contacts, click “Browse”, locate your CSV file, then select upload:


This takes you to the mapping field, where you select the information from the drop-down on the left, that matches the information on the right:


Once you finish your mapping, be sure to save it at the bottom so it can be easily used next upload:


After uploading, the contacts will be processed. When it’s finished, click the green “Ready” button, under status:


You are taken to a page where you make a final check of the information before completing the upload. Click any piece of information with an exclamation point next to it to resolve the issue preventing upload:


Once everything is fixed, click the complete upload button to finish the upload. The contacts will filter into the contact list.

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