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The very first step to take in setting up your new Customer Marketing Tool is to populate it with some Customers.

The easiest way to add Customers you can market to is simply selling products to them. ShippingEasy will automatically add the contact information for new customers, including details like when they last purchased something and how much they have spent in total.

If you have Email Addresses of previous customers, you can export their contact details from your old system and upload them into the ShippingEasy Email Marketing tool. This will allow you to get started right away with your Email Marketing and maximize the number of customers available to segment into promotional campaigns.

Learn more about how to Upload Customers and Customer Email Marketing.


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    Sam Gragg

    We use SE email marketing and we have another system where we capture email addresses. We have down/uploaded addresses fine and have run campaigns. I'd now like to refresh our marketing database. I ran a test and if the customer is already in SE, ALL the uploaded info is updated including blank fields - that is, info already there is deleted. 

    I understand it's complicated but I can't manually dedup and I don't see a way to at least tell the import to ignore existing records. If I just let the load complete and overwrite, it is likely to delete data captured from other more current sources

    Any ideas ?

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