Purchase Orders

This feature is only available to existing Inventory Management subscribers.

ShippingEasy makes it easy to create and send purchase orders to your suppliers. This guide will show you all the different ways to create purchase orders.

Video Walkthrough

If you prefer, feel free to watch the short video that covers the information in this section and follow along on your account:

Step by Step Guide

There are 3 ways to create purchase orders within ShippingEasy:

  1. From the Purchase Orders page.
  2. From a Supplier’s details
  3. From a Product’s details

From the Purchase Orders Page

Navigate to the purchase orders page by hovering over inventory on the blue bar at the top: 


Click the “Create Purchase Order” button: 


At the top, you select your supplier from the supplier drop-down:


When you select your supplier, it will auto-fill the rest of the information:


Once you have the shipment details from your supplier, you can fill out the right side of this page, but it’s not required:


At the bottom of the page is where you add the products to your purchase order. You can find them by name or SKU:


If the SKU does not have a unit cost you will need to enter that as well as the Shipping and Handling. 

Once you have all the products, quantities, and costs filled out, hit the “Create Purchase Order” button at the bottom:


From the Supplier’s Details

You can create a purchase order from the supplier’s page if you have assigned products to that supplier. To start, navigate to the Supplier's page by hovering over Inventory on the blue bar at the top and selecting “Suppliers”:


Click on the supplier to enter the supplier details page, then scroll to the bottom of the page to locate the associated products:


Then click the “Create” button under purchase orders on the right:


This will create a new purchase order with the supplier information already filled out, and the product added. Then you just need to add any other products from this supplier and send the purchase order:


From the Product’s Details

If your product is assigned to a supplier, you can create a purchase order directly from the product details page. Hover over inventory on the blue bar and select “Product Catalog” to get to your product catalog:


Click on a product to open its details page, then click the “Suppliers” tab:


If you haven’t already assigned a supplier to this product, you can choose from your list of suppliers using this box:


You can then click “Create” under the purchase orders column for any supplier of this product:


This will create a purchase order with the supplier information filled out, and the product added to the Purchase Order Items, all you would need to do is add any additional products:


Sending and Receiving Purchase Orders

Once you have created your purchase order, use the actions drop-down in the top right to email it to your supplier, open it as a pdf to print it out, edit, or close the purchase order:


When your product arrives, you can complete the purchase order by clicking the “Receive All” button, and if you only got part of it, you can document that with the “Receive Partial” button:


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