InstantLabel is the fastest way to get labels within ShippingEasy. When properly configured, InstantLabel prints the label as soon as the order is synced.

Step by Step Guide

InstantLabel must be carefully set up on your account to avoid any mistakes as it will automatically purchase the label without any human confirmation. Ensure you have the following configured:

Product Weights - Either from the ShippingEasy Product Catalog or in the store from which the order is downloaded. 

Packaging - Set up your packaging to include “Add-to” and “Override Weights” when necessary. 

Shipping Rules - Shipping Rules are necessary for InstantLabel. We recommend using Shipping Rules and Buy and Print manually before turning on InstantLabel to ensure all your orders receive appropriate automatic rate quotes.

Automatic Postage Refill - Setting up automatic postage purchases will ensure you never run out and miss a shipment.

Setting up InstantLabel

Once you have your account configured to safely use InstantLabel, setting it up is a breeze. It is done on a rule by rule basis. All you need to do is edit your shipping rules that assign rate quotes to “Purchase and Print Label” from radio buttons at the bottom of the rule editor:


This is done on a rule by rule basis, so it's easy to control if there are some orders you don’t want being automatically purchased. 

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