Product Categories

Categorizing products within ShippingEasy is a great way to get the most out of the automation features within, such as shipping rules, or customer marketing. This guide will show you how to set up and manage product categories.

Step by Step Walkthrough

Product categories are created from the product categories page in the settings menu:


To add a new category, click the “Add Category” button. 


On the left of the creation page, you can add the name and a description of the category:


On the right side, you have some more optional details for this category. If you use our inventory management tool, you can set a low stock threshold and safety stock level for every product in this category at the same time. Then if the weight, dimensions, or any other value listed are the same for all products, set them at the category level as well:


You can click on the name of an existing category to edit any information about it:


Once a product category is created, products can be added to it from the product catalog by selecting products and categorizing them from the “Actions” drop-down on that page:


Products can also be categorized If you include the product category in a product CSV upload to the product catalog:


Product categories can be used to make automation easier and more effective. It can be a “Then” condition in shipping rules:


Or as a condition for an automated email campaign in the Customer Marketing tool:


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