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Take an opportunity to familiarize yourself with everything available from the Orders page when looking at it with the Standard (Default) View.

Bookmark the article below as you get to know the ShippingEasy platform, and reference it if you see something on the page and aren’t sure what it is or what it does.

Some of the numbered options from the image in the article you should become very familiar with are #4 Arrange Columns, to organize the page how you would like, #9 Filters, to get used to finding specific orders, and #19 the Global Search Bar, to locate an order anywhere in the platform at any time.

Note: Each page within ShippingEasy has this same type of overview article in the help center you can search for and view when necessary.

Learn more about how to navigate the Orders page.


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    Kirk Kryger

    Inre: The new feature that Shipping Easy has put on the Orders page, RATE.

    I can appreciate this feature, however, I would like to have it made OPTIONAL. At the very least make it where I can arrange it to the furthest right column.

    The problem is if the RATE button is clicked then it automatically prints the label. The location makes it prone for accidents. We have screen savers on all our computers and if they double of triple click to wake the computer up and it just happens to be on the RATE button it will print.

    I would appreciate you making these changes.

    Kirk Kryger

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