This guide will focus on getting the most out of the orders page to make order management easier and more effective. View the complete ORDERS page details and functions.

ORDERS Page - Simple View | Guide

ORDERS Page - Advanced View | Guide

Key Features on the ORDERS page

The most important feature on the orders page is the Global Search Bar in the top right of the app. It is on every page of the app and can be used to locate orders within the app wherever they are. You can search by name, order number, tracking number, or email.

Display Columns

We recommend taking a look at the columns displayed by default. The gray bar lists the columns, which can be customized by clicking the More drop-down then “Arrange Columns".

Just drag and drop from one side to the other, or click the arrow to move it:


One column that we recommend keeping is the order number column because clicking on the order number opens the order details, where you can see information like the address, product images, and the event log, which lets you see where the order came from and if any rules were applied:



Above your orders are the filters, where you can adjust which orders display on the screen. Click a filter to open it and apply it, then you can save the filter with the “Save Filter View” button, and easily access that filter configuration later:


At the very bottom of the filters, you can adjust how many orders display on this page at a time, with the most being 200:


Splitting Orders

If you want to combine or split orders, that is done from the “More” drop-down at the top of the page:


To split an order, click “Multiple Items” in the Item Name column next to the order:


Uncheck the items in the order you want to split out:


Then click “Split Orders” from the “More” drop-down:


Combining Orders

There are 2 ways to combine orders from the “More” drop-down, Selected, and All with Same Recipient.


Selected will combine any orders selected that have the same recipient. You can turn on the Recipient filter to make it easy to find duplicates:


Select any orders with the same recipient you want to combine, then select More -> Combine -> Selected, and confirm the Address when prompted:


To combine all orders that share the same recipient at the same time, just select “All with Same Recipient” and confirm:


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