Connecting to a UPS Account

You can easily connect your pre-existing UPS account to your ShippingEasy account.

This will allow you to use your negotiated UPS rates within ShippingEasy. Use the link below to access an article that explains in more detail how to connect your UPS account

Once connected, you can use the multi-carrier Rate Comparison Tool to ensure that you are always getting the best rate.

Things to remember about connecting to a UPS account

You will only get three attempts at verifying your Account Information before UPS locks you out of the process for 24 hours, so be extra careful when entering information.
  1. You will need to have shipped something already using your UPS account. They will require Invoice Information as part of the Account Verification process.
  2. The Title field under Company Details is always blank, so be sure to fill in this field. It can be easy to miss and will count against your three Verification Attempts if you leave it blank.
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