Release Notes thru 2018-09-18


  • Added a tooltip to the PRINTER CONFIGURATION page. Specifically when a Dymo or Zebra brand printer is added. The tooltip provides a link to additional printer configuration tips.
  • Added new tutorials to the Help Center's "Recommended Features" list:
    • Ship to a U.S. Address
    • Ship to an International Address
    Each of these guides shows how to purchase and print a label. They are available to newer users with a postage account and available orders to ship, per each destination. To find these tutorials, navigate to the Help Center, in the lower right corner of ShippingEasy, and click Recommended Features.
Inventory Management:
  • Enhanced eBay integration for better Inventory Management support. Now product updates are more efficient.
  • Updated the UPLOAD CSV: PRODUCT IMPORT page. The field name "Safety Stock threshold" has been changed to "Safety Stock." Learn more about Safety Stock.
  • Resolved an issue editing the parent Product of a variant group. Specifically when the parent Product has product Tags. Now, the EDIT Product page displays correctly.
Customer Marketing:
  • Resolved a problem on the CUSTOMER MARKETING DASHBOARD page. Specifically within the "Automated Campaigns" charts. Now, the Campaign Revenue total includes revenue generated via the Abandoned Cart email. Learn more about revenue generating campaigns.


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