Guidelines for Emailing Amazon Customers | Overview

Any Amazon seller may request feedback from a buyer. However, a seller may not offer payments or any incentives to a buyer for either providing or removing feedback.

Amazon has implemented strict Buyer-Seller policy guidelines to maintain secure and good relationships between both parties. ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing feature is in full compliance with Amazon's policies and we have their approval to send feedback requests directly through our app. Our email templates include Amazon Seller Feedback and Product Review Requests. If you have an Amazon account connected to ShippingEasy, you will have access to these templates. Learn how to improve your Amazon reputation and feedback.

Specialized templates

ShippingEasy's Amazon Seller Feedback and Product Review templates are in compliance with Amazon's developer code of conduct. Any limitation we place on the tool is in direct alignment with what Amazon allows for a third-party application. For each template, you are given a copy of the code of conduct that you can reference when making an Amazon-specific template.

In general, emails cannot include:

  • Links to any website
  • Links to Amazon detail pages or storefronts
  • Seller logos if they contain or display a link to the seller's website
  • Any marketing messages or promotions
  • Any promotions for additional products or referrals to third-party products or promotions

Due to the nature of Amazon's rules, we limit what templates are allowed to be sent to Amazon-specific email addresses.

On November 3, 2020, Amazon updated its Communication Guidelines Policy. Upon Activation of the Amazon Seller Feedback campaign, a modal will appear. You must select the box confirming that you have read and are in compliance with the Amazon guidelines before you can proceed.



For customers, ShippingEasy's emails are sent directly to the email they use to log into Amazon. As a seller, you are not able to see this. Amazon provides a scrambled email when the product review or seller feedback email is sent; it is filtered by Amazon and forwarded to the customer.

Sellers can log into their seller central and see the emails that they have sent to customers, a slightly different user experience. Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging keeps a record of all correspondence - even those sent through ShippingEasy - using an encrypted email alias. This increases security while providing you with a full record of your communication.

Response times

Amazon uses a Contact Response Time metric to measure the amount of customer-initiated messages that you respond to within 24 hours. Listings in an "Inactive" status do not deactivate this response time metric. To exclude messages from this metric, select "Mark as no response needed" in the Reply area of the email.


We follow the guidelines we outline in the following documents. One is the developer's code of conduct while the other shows the HTML limitations.

NOTE: You will need to log in to your Amazon account to view these documents.


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