Release Notes thru 2018-09-11


Inventory Management:
  • Added a Safety Stock feature for Inventory Management subscribers. Setting a Safety Stock level empowers merchants to prevent over selling of a product. Learn more about Safety Stock.
    • The Safety Stock level determines how much available stock updates back to the merchant's online store:
      • The Safety Stock value is subtracted from the Available Stock value. As a result, the stock in store shows less than the actual stock at the warehouse location.
      • If the Available Stock in ShippingEasy drops to the level of the Safety Stock, then ShippingEasy will send 'zero' available to sell for that product back to the store.
    • Safety Stock can be set on different levels:
      • Globally in INVENTORY SETTINGS, to apply to all products.
      • Selectively on a Product Category, to apply to a group of products.
      • Precisely to individual Product SKUs, for the finest control.
    • Safety Stock data is available in several locations:
      • An optional column on the PRODUCTS catalog page.
      • On the "Stock" tab of the PRODUCT Details page.
      • Uploaded and downloaded via CSV file from the PRODUCTS catalog page.
Customer Marketing:
  • Added Customer Marketing support to the ChannelAdvisor integration. ShippingEasy uses the ChannelAdvisor order data to determine if the source store allows marketing. The customers are then saved to the CUSTOMER LIST and the Available for Marketing option is set accordingly. Learn what types of emails each platform allows.


  • Updated the ORDERS page "Buy USPS Postage" popup window. This is shown if a label is purchased when the USPS (Endicia) postage balance is insufficient. Now, the Postage amount to add field will be pre-filled with the minimum amount required to buy the label.
  • Updated the Sync tool on the ORDERS page for ChannelAdvisor users. Now the ChannelAdvisor logo is displayed next to the store name. Learn more about syncing orders.
Inventory Management:
  • Updated the PRODUCTS Details page. On the "Stores" tab, the "URL" column has been renamed "Product Recommendations URL".
  • Improved search speed on the PRODUCTS catalog page.
  • Improved product search results on the PURCHASE ORDERS and SUPPLIERS Details pages, and when creating a bundled product. Now searching for a term shared by a large number of Products will return more precise results.
Customer Marketing:
  • Enabled the CUSTOMER MARKETING DASHBOARD for all Customer Marketing subscribers. This provides insights into campaign revenue and customer engagement. Learn more.


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