Export a Pick List via CSV File | How To

If you frequently ship a product that has several components, one order from your store may actually contain more than one product. Because ShippingEasy brings in each order as a quantity of one from your store, you need to add additional quantity to the shipment.

Exporting a pick list CSV allows you to quickly re-upload your products as many times as you need to fulfill the quantity of the order. This allows you to keep the same order number for each separate order without increasing the order quantity.

Exporting a pick list has other uses as well. If you utilize an inventory or accounting system outside of ShippingEasy, you can use this export to import order data before the orders have shipped.

Export a Pick List via CSV file

  1. Go to SHIPPING then click ORDERS in the navigation bar.
  2. Click on More Filters to narrow your filter results.

  3. Once you have the orders present you would like exported, select Export Pick List CSV - All Orders from the Pick & Pack button's menu.
  4. A message will appear confirming the orders are being exported. An email will be delivered to you shortly afterward with a link that will allow you to download the pick list in CSV format.exporting_pick_list_message.png

Once you have the CSV file downloaded, you can manually re-upload the orders as many times as you need to.


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