Release Notes thru 2018-09-05


  • Added support for GIF images files for email and packing slip templates. Learn more about saving images.
  • Updated the POSTAGE AND CARRIERS page. Specifically within the notes for updating the billing method for an Endicia account. The phrase updated your credit card now points to the "Billing Information" tab, within SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING settings. This makes it easier to update the payment method for both the ShippingEasy and the Endicia account. Learn more.
Inventory Management:
  • Updated PRODUCTS Details pages. Specifically by making enhancements to the "Stores" tab for Inventory Management subscribers.
    • The help text now clarifies that ShippingEasy uses store links to send inventory updates to a store.
    • The URL column is no longer visible, unless the account is subscribed to Customer Marketing. The product URL relates to Product Recommendations, a feature of Customer Marketing. Learn more.
    • A new column has been added: Last Store Update. The column reports the results of the last attempt to update inventory levels at the store. The following values may be shown, depending on the outcome of the last store update:
      • Success: the last store update was successful
      • Failure: the last store update was unsuccessful. To resolve, send stock levels to store. Learn more.
      • Inactive: ShippingEasy is unable to find the SKU in the store. To resolve, link products. Learn more.
  • Embedded tutorial videos for Inventory Management subscribers.
    • The new videos are featured within the STORES & ORDERS settings. Stores that support Inventory Management have a "Products" settings tab. Three new videos are linked to the "Products" tab.
    • Videos are noted with a 'monitor' icon. Clicking the icon will open the video in the lower right corner of the page. Once displayed, the video also has an option to open it in a new tab.
    • Videos are available for the following features:
  • Resolved an issue editing Product details. Now, it's possible to add an attribute when editing a Product SKU that is not currently a Variant. Learn more about adding variants.
Customer Marketing:
  • Added support for GIF images files for Campaign templates. Learn more about customizing Campaign templates.
  • Updated PRODUCTS Details pages, within the INVENTORY settings. Specifically by enhancing the "Stores" tab for Customer Marketing subscribers. Now, the help text clarifies that ShippingEasy uses store links to determine product URLs for product recommendations. A tooltip has also been added to the URL column that clarifies this use of the product URL. Learn more.


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