Release Notes thru 2018-08-21


  • Added support for refilling a USPS (Endicia) postage balance from the ORDERS page. This is useful when using Quick Ship. Especially if attempting to buy a USPS label when the Endicia postage balance is less than the purchase total. Now in this situation, a modal provides the option to add to the postage balance from the ORDERS page. Learn how to Quick Ship from the ORDERS page.


  • Enhanced Channel Advisor integration. Added support for displaying the "Ship by Date" for Amazon orders in ShippingEasy. Learn more about using Channel Advisor with ShippingEasy.
  • Enhanced Shopify integration. Added support for Shopify’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) feature. If Shopify sends a request to redact customer or store information, ShippingEasy's response indicates the data will be redacted within 30 days. Learn more about using Shopify with ShippingEasy.
  • Updated the BigCommerce NEW STORE integration page. Due to changes BigCommerce made to their API, stores created after July 31, 2018 cannot be integrated with ShippingEasy. A message has been added to the page to note this temporary limitation. ShippingEasy is working to fix this issue. Learn more about using BigCommerce with ShippingEasy.
  • Updated the SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page. Specifically when changing one's subscription to the Inventory Management add-on. Now, there are checkboxes to provide feedback when removing the feature.
Inventory Management:
  • Updated the top level navigation bar. When the INVENTORY tab is expanded, a new entry for "Inventory Dashboard" is available. Selecting this option will navigate the user to the INVENTORY MANAGEMENT DASHBOARD page. Learn more about the Inventory Management dashboard.
  • Added support for searching by product variant names. Searching for a variant option, such as 'red' or 'medium', will return all variants that include that option in the Variant name. Variant search is supported on the PRODUCTS page, SUPPLIERS Details page, and PURCHASE ORDERS Details page.
  • Updated text on the ADD PRODUCTS page. Within the Variant Group table, the "Variant Option" column has been renamed "Variant Name" to better reflect the data in the column. This change makes the page easier to use. Learn more about creating Variants.


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