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For shippers that frequently utilize drop-shipping, billing a third-party account allows you to take advantage of steeper discounts available for larger shipments. Get started by setting up third-party billing on your UPS, FedEx, or DHL carrier accounts to make them available for shipments on the READY TO SHIP page. Learn more.

Third-Party Billing for UPS is not available for UPS from One Balance accounts.

Once you have input your third-party billing information, you need to set up a Shipping Preset to pair it with. Shipping Presets is a time-saving feature that automatically fills in your most commonly used carrier and package services on the READY TO SHIP page. For Shipping Presets used for third-party billing, it is not necessary to set a specific package - unless you know for certain you will be shipping in that package every time. 

You can streamline your billing even more by setting up a shipping rule that automatically applies your saved accounts to specified orders. Before you set a third-party billing rule, make sure:

  1. A third-party billing account has been set.
  2. A Shipping Preset for that postage account has been set.

Assign Third-Party Billing to Shipments Automatically


    2. Click  Add New.
    3. In the field Rule Name, enter a name that describes this rule, such as "Bill to 3rd party account".
    4. Set the IF condition to correspond to the order status that you want to be billed to a third-party. View all conditions available for setting Shipping Rules.
      In this example, we are using a requested service to trigger a third-party to be billed: Requested Service | Is equal to | USPS Priority Mail Express
    5. ShippingEasy bills third-party accounts based on the carrier attached to them.
      You will need to set two THEN actions, the first one for the Shipping Preset and the second for the third-party billing:

    6. Save your new rule! This rule will be applied to all future shipments that are synced or added into ShippingEasy.
    7. To apply this rule to open orders, go to the ORDERS page, select all of your orders, and then use the More button to bring up a drop-down list. From there, you can select Rerun Shipping Rules.


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