Release Notes thru 2018-08-07


  • Updated the SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page. Specifically when changing one's subscription to the Customer Marketing add-on. Now, there are checkboxes to provide feedback when removing the feature.
  • Updated the FEDEX account pages.
    • On the MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT SETTINGS page, the Meter Number field has been removed. This information no longer needs to be entered.
    • On the CONNECT YOUR ACCOUNT page, extra whitespace characters have been removed from the address fields.
  • Updated SolidCommerce integration to send additional shipment information for Amazon orders.
  • Resolved an alignment issue in new account registration.
  • Resolved an issue displaying FedEx package options. Specifically for FedEx International services. Now, the FedEx 10kg and 25kb boxes are only available internationally for FedEx International Priority.
  • Resolved a problem displaying the PRODUCTS page. Specifically when the page was set to display a number of products other than 100. Now, the Results per Page list can be toggled between 100 and any available value.
Inventory Management:
  • Updated the INVENTORY DASHBOARD page.
    • Added a "Configure Inventory Management" section which includes five steps for setting up inventory management. Clicking a step will reveal more information about it. Once the steps are completed, the list will collapse, while remaining available to expand and review at a later date. Learn more.
    • Resolved an issue with the On-Hand, Available, and Committed totals. Now, the units for bundled SKUs are not included. Only the units for the individual SKUs within the bundle are counted. 
  • Updated the Inventory reports. Now, the exported CSV is sorted alphabetically by SKU to match the preview. The following reports are affected:
  • Updated the PRODUCTS catalog page. For FBA merchants, added the ability to sort the products by the "FBA Threshold" column.
  • Resolved errors displaying FBA data for products. Specifically when the option to Display FBA quantity is enabled and then later disabled in the STORES & ORDERS settings for an Amazon store. Now, the low stock alert and FBA available stock values are not displayed as FBA inventory is no longer being monitored in ShippingEasy. Learn more.
  • Resolved an issue displaying Variant SKU names within the Supplier details and Inventory reports.
    • Now on the SUPPLIER Details page> Products table, the item name is displayed and any attributes are appended to the item name.
    • Now in Inventory reports, the item name is displayed and any attributes are appended to the item name. The following reports are affected: Inventory Status, Inventory Low Stock,  Linked Stores By Product.


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