Release Notes thru 2018-07-31


  • Approved for the FedEx Compatible Software Provider (CSP) program. Through CSP, ShippingEasy offers access to significant new FedEx features. The CSP program requires ShippingEasy users to provide their FedEx account address to access these features.

    NOTE: Any ShippingEasy user who has not provided their FedEx account address will be unable to create FedEx shipments until they do so. Update your FedEx account information.

    New FedEx features include:

    • A streamlined process for integrating a FedEx account into ShippingEasy.
    • Additional services and packaging options on the READY TO SHIP page:
Inventory Management:
  • Added a new Inventory Dashboard page for Inventory Management subscribers. The page features data to help merchants understand their product and inventory metrics. These data better inform inventory decisions.
    The dashboard includes data for:
    • Product revenue and top selling products
    • Active product values
    • Low stock levels
    • Awaiting stock from Purchase Orders
    • Quick links to features and help

    Learn more:

Customer Marketing:
  • Added new data to revenue generating Campaigns. Each revenue generating Campaign reports a list of customers who made a purchase after receiving the email. This helps merchants identify these buyers for future campaigns. Learn how to find the list of buyers for each Campaign.


  • Updated BigCommerce and Etsy integrations. Now, each supports the ability to customize which order statuses sync. For new store integrations going forward, unpaid orders will not sync by default. However, the store settings for these store types can be edited to sync unpaid orders. Customize the enabled statuses by navigating to SETTINGS >> STORES & ORDERS. Then click Edit store settings, beneath the store details >> "Orders" tab.
  • Updated the new account registration experience for mobile users.
Inventory Management:
  • Updated PURCHASE ORDERS pages for editing and creating a Purchase Order. A Tracking Number field has been added. If the carrier selected is USPS, UPS, or FedEx, then the tracking number is a clickable link to the carrier’s tracking status page.
  • Updated Walmart inventory integration. Specifically how SKUs that contain a space are handled. Now, inventory for these SKUs can be downloaded from and updated to Walmart.
  • Resolved an error converting a Product SKU into a Bundled Product. A Bundled Product cannot contain itself as one of the products in the bundle. The error messaging has been updated to make this clear. 


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