Troubleshoot: Syncing LuLaRoe orders

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ShippingEasy provides support for orders created in BLESS from LuLaRoe. If you have a new ShippingEasy account, the BLESS integration will not work until you enter a credit card into ShippingEasy. To configure ShippingEasy to receive orders from your BLESS account, follow our step-by-step instructions. From there, only Complete (paid for) orders are sent by BLESS to ShippingEasy.

If you are still experiencing problems with your orders pulling into ShippingEasy, take a look at these commons issues to help resolve the problem.

If your orders are not syncing at all  -

Is the order marked to be shipped?

In BLESS, the order must first appear on the Shipping Management page and have been created with the Ship This Order option checked. You can access the Shipping Management page by hovering over Sales and then selecting Shipping:


Under the Order Items section, verify that Ship This Order is checked:

On the mobile app, you will see a toggle button for Ship Order when creating a new order:

To make it easier for orders to always be marked as Ship This Order and subsequently pulled into ShippingEasy, there is an option on a Pop-Up to Ship All Orders By Default. This can be set on new Pop-Ups as well as when you edit an existing Pop-Up.

If you have verified that the order is showing up on your Shipping Management page and you have also check the Ship This Order box, the BLESS support team can provide additional help. Reach out to BLESS.<link>

Was the order already Complete in BLESS when you connected your account?

Any orders that were already Complete at the time that you integrated BLESS with ShippingEasy will not be sent by BLESS to ShippingEasy. Those older orders can be uploaded into ShippingEasy via a CSV file - see How do I get my orders into ShippingEasy? (below).


If your orders are syncing incorrectly -

Why are my orders missing the customer's address?

Orders will only pull into ShippingEasy with the buyer's address if they have been invoiced directly in BLESS and marked as paid.

If the order was paid with a different method (ex: paid with check, paid with credit, giveaway, paid with cash), the Pop Up Address or the retailer's address will be downloaded as the order address instead.

NOTE: for orders paid outside BLESS, use these options to ship the order with ShippingEasy.

  • Edit the order in ShippingEasy after it has synced to reflect the correct address. Learn more.
  • Do not sync the order and enter the order manually into ShippingEasy.
    1. To prevent the order from syncing: leave "Ship this order" unchecked in BLESS.
    2. To manually enter the order into ShippingEasy: see our step by step guide.

Why are my order weights "zero"?

The BLESS system does not contain the weights for the LuLaRoe products, so it is unable to provide weights to ShippingEasy. For service/packaging combinations that do not require a weight (for example, USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope), this is not an issue because weight is not required.

For services that do require a weight (for example, USPS First Class Package Service), you can easily add the weight for each order in ShippingEasy. Learn more.

You can also add a weight to your product if you have SKUs assigned to them in ShippingEasy, which will be recognized by LuLaRoe as the order weight. Learn more.

Why doesn't ShippingEasy update the order status in BLESS once it's shipped?

Once an order is shipped, ShippingEasy will update the tracking number to BLESS. However, the current integration does not support any changes to the order status. Please contact BLESS to voice your feedback if you would like ShippingEasy to also update the order status to "Shipped".


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