Release Notes thru 2018-07-24


  • Updated new account registration.
    • Specifically the initial and final pages of registration. Text and links have been changed.
    • Specifically when entering billing information. Type-ahead suggested addresses are provided.
  • Enhanced Walmart integration to improve order downloads. Learn more about using ShippingEasy with Walmart.
  • Changed default store settings for eBay, Shopify, and Volusion. Specifically the "Orders" settings that control which order statuses to sync. For new store integrations going forward, unpaid orders will not sync by default. However, the store settings for these store types can be edited to sync unpaid orders. Learn how to select which statuses sync from eBay, Shopify, or Volusion.
  • Changed the workflow for creating a new Product Category. After the Product Category is created, the PRODUCT CATEGORIES Details page is displayed. This makes it easier to review the new Product Category and take additional actions. Learn more.
Inventory Management:
  • Updated the PRODUCT Details page to include additional Bundle data. A new In Bundle SKUs field has been added. This field will display the parent bundle SKU, if any, that contains the individual Product SKU. Note, if the value shows a hyphen "-" then the product is not in any bundles. If the value shows a SKU, that SKU is a link that leads to the corresponding parent bundle SKU page. Learn more about Bundled Products.
  • Updated the Inventory Status Report. A new column has been added for "Warehouse/Bin Number". Learn more.
  • Updated the PRODUCTS page, for Inventory Management subscribers. Help text is available for specific columns: Stock, Available, Committed, Awaiting. Hovering over these columns displays an (i) icon. Clicking or pointing to the (i) icon displays information about the value in the column.
Customer Marketing:
  • Added new Campaign templates to the "Campaign Gallery" for LuLaRoe Retailers. These include "Flash Sale" and "Back-to-School" themes. Learn about Campaigns.


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