Release Notes thru 2018-07-17


  • Enhanced Shopify integration. Added support for Shopify order tags. If the order has been tagged in Shopify, these tags are copied into ShippingEasy as the order is imported. Note, each Shopify order tag in prefixed with "sh-" in ShippingEasy. This makes it easy to identify which tags on an order came from Shopify. Importing order tags helps merchants leverage the workflow that they have configured in Shopify. This can speed up fulfillment and reduce errors. Learn more about order tags.
Customer Marketing:
  • Added Amazon Seller Feedback monitoring service. Now, when a customer leaves seller feedback, ShippingEasy will send an email to the account owner with a summary of the feedback. Customer Marketing subscribers with an Amazon store are automatically enrolled. Learn how to request Amazon Seller Feedback.


  • Updated the ORDERS page. The set of default columns have been changed. Learn more about page views.
    • The Advanced View default columns now include $Rate and Saved Selection. Other columns will no longer be displayed by default, but can be added: Packing Slip Printed, Age, Warehouse Bin.
    • The Standard View default columns now include SKU and Custom Field 1.
  • Updated the new account registration email. It includes additional details about ShippingEasy's free trial.
  • Resolved an issue recognizing zip+4 values on domestic addresses. Specifically when no dash '-' character is present. Now, nine digit numbers entered in the zip code field will be converted into a valid zip code with zip+4.
  • Resolved a problem compiling USPS SCAN forms. Specifically when multiple shipments have different Ship From addresses, but the same Ship From zip code. Now, all shipments with the same origin zip code, and ship date, will be included on the same USPS SCAN form. Learn more about USPS SCAN forms.
Inventory Management:
  • Updated SUPPLIERS and PURCHASE ORDERS pages. Now, the columns on each page can be sorted.
  • Updated the PRODUCTS page.
    • Now, clicking the Reset Filters link will collapse all the filters on the page to make it obvious that the filters were reset.
    • Now, the More > Categorize menu lists the Product Categories in alphabetical order to make it easier to find a Product Category. Learn more.
  • Updated the Linked Stores by Product report. Now, it also includes SKUs that have an inactive product store mapping. Learn more about the Linked Stores by Product report.
  • Updated the display of the CREATE PURCHASE ORDERS page, specifically when the Purchase Order is created by selecting multiple SKUs on the PRODUCTS page. Now, the Purchase Order Items are displayed in alphabetical order by SKU.
Customer Marketing:
  • Updated the Customer Marketing Weekly Digest Email. Now, the email will only be sent to subscribers if there was any email activity during the previous week.
  • Resolved an issue displaying Campaign Results. Now, customer clicks on the "Unsubscribe" link will not be displayed within the list of clicked links. Learn more about Campaign Results.


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