Assign Handling Time to Products | How To

To meet consumer demand for a quick turnaround time, Amazon has set their current default handling time to 1 - 2 days. If you know you may not be able to meet this metric, you can update your handling time to a range that still allows you to quickly fulfill your orders while setting reasonable expectations with your customers

In ShippingEasy, you can set different handling times based on a Product SKU level or on your Amazon store level.

How to: Set a Handling Time on the SKU level

For individual products in your Amazon store that are going to take longer to fulfill, you can set a different handling time for that SKU.

  1. Click INVENTORY and select PRODUCT CATALOG from the drop down.
  2. Click the item SKU number you wish to set the handling time for.
  3. On the Product details page, select Edit in the top right corner.
  4. Select a the correct Handling Time from the drop down option.
  5. Click Save Product.
  6. The Handling Time for that product is saved and will now be displayed on the Product details page:

How to: Set a Handling Time on the Amazon store level

If you want to update the handling time for all products in your Amazon store, follow these steps.

  1. From the SETTINGS tab and then select STORES & ORDERS.

  2. Select Edit Store Settings for your connected Amazon store:Screen_Shot_2018-01-17_at_10.28.37_AM.png
  3. Under the Products tab, scroll down to the Inventory Management section. There you can select a Handling Time from the drop down:
  4. Select Save and this new Handling Time will now be sent to your Amazon SKUs during inventory updates unless there is a Handling Time specified for a specific SKU.



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