Release Notes thru 2018-07-10


  • Updated the ORDERS page filters. Specifically the "Quantity" filter. A >50 option has been added. Selecting this will filter the orders on the page to those containing greater than 50 items. Learn more about filtering orders.
  • Updated Reverb integration. The buyer's requested shipping service is now displayed on Reverb orders. Note that when the buyer chooses normal ground shipping in Reverb, the requested service will be empty in ShippingEasy. Learn more about using requested shipping services to streamline shipping.
  • Updated database of USPS zip-to-zone data. This data is used to display the "zone" on each domestic shipment. Learn more about zones.
  • Updated the PRODUCTS page. A Reset Filters option has been added. Clicking this will remove all selected filters from the page. Learn more about filtering products.
  • Updated links on the ORDERS and SHIPMENTS pages; including READY TO SHIP, READY FOR PAYMENT, and SHIPMENT HISTORY. The Step-by-Step Page Guide links in the top right corner of the page have been removed to reduce clutter. These guides can still be found in the Support Center. See all overview page guides.
  • Resolved a problem populating the ORDERS page "Quick Ship" menu. The "Quick Ship" menu features Saved Selections, for faster shipping. Now, user-created domestic Saved Selections will be included in this menu. Learn more about Quick Ship.
  • Resolved an issue updating account billing information. Specifically on the credit card entry form. Now, if invalid information is entered, an error message calls out which fields need to be updated.
  • Resolved a rare issue seen on packing slips. Specifically causing incorrect characters to be displayed. Now, the software used for creating PDF files has been updated.
Inventory Management:
  • Added a new Inventory Report on the REPORTS page: Linked Stores by Product. This report helps merchants see which SKUs are linked to which stores. This is useful for diagnosing issues updating inventory levels to the store. Within the report, only active SKUs are included. Also presently, if an active SKU's store links are all inactive, then the SKU is excluded from the report. Learn more about the Linked Stores by Product report.
  • Resolved a display issue on the SUPPLIERS page. Now, the pagination buttons are only enabled if there is more than one page worth of Suppliers.
Customer Marketing:
  • Updated the Customer Marketing weekly email digest. This is the weekly email sent to the ShippingEasy account owner to report the status of active Campaigns. Now, an unsubscribe link is included at the bottom of the email. Clicking the link will unsubscribe the email address from future weekly updates.
  • Resolved issues with Customer Lists.
    • Specifically when a customer opts out of receiving one-time or automated emails. Now, the count of "Emailable" customers is adjusted for customers who have unsubscribed.
    • Specifically when creating a Customer List from the results of an existing Campaign. Now, the new Customer List will be populated with the selected customers.


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