What data is included in the Inventory Report - Linked Stores by Product?

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ShippingEasy REPORTS page includes a number of preconfigured reports. These reports accommodate the reporting needs of most shipping operations. They can also be scheduled to be emailed to you on a recurring basis. Though the columns cannot be edited or rearranged, they make for easy access to your inventory data. Learn more about REPORTS.

Linked Stores by Product Report:

This report provides data on all active products that have at least one linked store. A linked store means that there is a two-way connection between the product SKU in ShippingEasy and the product SKU on the store. This connection allows for updates when there are changes in the stock levels. 

Products include:

  • Active SKUs
  • Bundle SKUs
  • Variant SKUs

The data in the Linked Stores by Product report includes:

  • SKU: the SKU of the product
  • Master SKU: this column will have a value when the SKU is an alias, otherwise the cell will be blank
  • Name: the Name of the product
  • Store: the Store Name of the store that is linked to the product
  • Store Type: the Store Type (or platform) of the store that is linked to the product
  • Last Store Update: this column will display "Success" if the Last Store Update was successful or will display "Failure" if the Last Store Update was unsuccessful. This is a good indicator of the link status. If you see "Failure", this could mean that the product was changed on the store and it needs to be re-linked to ShippingEasy. Please reach out to ShippingEasy support for assistance.   

NOTE: in some cases, data may be excluded.

  • No data is reported for SKUs that do not have at least one store linked. 
  • No data is reported in the Master SKU column for products that are not aliases. Learn more about SKU Aliases here


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