Release Notes thru 2018-06-19


  • Updated the CONNECT YOUR ACCOUNT registration page for FedEx accounts. Now, the shipper's FedEx contact information must be entered. This is a requirement of FedEx's latest API software. Required information includes: address, phone number, and email address. Learn more about connecting a FedEx account.
    NOTE: existing ShippingEasy accounts with a FedEx account will need to update their FedEx contact information. Learn more.
  • Resolved an issue syncing eBay orders. Now, only eBay orders from the requested date range will be synced.
  • Resolved an issue syncing Wish orders. Learn more about using Wish with ShippingEasy.
    • Now, the required access token is automatically regenerated for uninterrupted store connectivity.
    • Now, upon initial Wish store integration, orders from the last 14 days are downloaded.
  • Corrected an error on the CONNECTEASY page. The column for routing DHL Express domestic shipments has been removed. The change was made as this option does not apply to any shipments created by ShippingEasy. Learn how to configure ConnectEasy for printing.
Inventory Management:
Customer Marketing:
  • Added new single-click Automated Campaign types: Lapsed Customer Winback and Buy Again Reminder. When enabled, an email is sent to the buyer after a specific number of days lapses since their last order. Template content and number of lapsed days can be customized. Learn how to enable single-click Automated Campaigns.
    • Lapsed Customer Winback: an email to remind a previous buyer about your store. It can be customized to include an incentive to come back and buy again. By default, the email is sent to the buyer 45 days after their last order.
    • Buy Again Reminder: an email to remind a previous buyer of specific products that it's time for another purchase. The email details their previously purchased items. Items can be listed in table-format or as an in-line sentence. By default, the email is sent to the buyer 30 days after their last order.


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