Release Notes thru 2018-06-12


  • Added new Packing Slip Template variables: shipment.combined_orders_notice, shipment.combined_line_items
    • {{shipment.combined_orders_notice}} is a notes variable that lists all orders included in a combined order. For example:

      NOTE: Order 4459 combines line items from 2 orders: 4147, 4224.

    • {{shipment.combined_line_items}} is a line item table variable that lists each SKU just once, even if the SKU was contained in multiple orders. The options to customize the sort order and columns are the same as the shipment.line_items variable. Learn more.

    Learn more about Packing Slip variables.

  • Help links in the application have been updated.
    • The blue (?) icon in the lower right corner has been changed to a tab that reads '(?) Help Center'. Clicking the (?) Help Center tab displays support resources: the Quick Start Checklist self-paced guides and Frequently Asked Questions article search. Learn more.
    • On the blue top level navigation bar, the 'HELP' tab and '?' icon have been removed.
    • In the top left corner, the 'Answers' link has been removed.
  • Updated SUBSCRIPTIONS & BILLING settings. Specifically when an account is locked on the BILLING INFORMATION page due to an invalid credit card. Now, there is a link to Cancel Account for users who no longer need access to their ShippingEasy account. Note, once an account has been cancelled, Shipment History and Reports can no longer be accessed.
  • Changed handling of order downloads for newly added stores. Now these orders will be downloaded more quickly. This reduces the wait before shipping the first order from the store. Learn more about order downloads.
  • Resolved an issue displaying entries in the ORDERS page "Actions" menu. Specifically within the "Quick Ship" selections list. Now, the entire name of each Saved Carrier Selection in the menu is displayed. Learn more about the Actions menu options.
Inventory Management:
  • Resolved a problem saving Reverb products to the PRODUCTS catalog. Specifically when the product has only a single image associated with it. Now, Reverb products are imported correctly.
  • Resolved an issue editing Purchase Orders, specifically when any of the stock has already been accepted. Now, the requested amount cannot be edited to a value lower than the already received stock value to avoid an incorrect Awaiting stock value. Learn more about receiving stock.
Customer Marketing:


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